Curls Week – How to style a curly fringe / bangs

Curls Week – How to style a curly fringe / bangs

Welcome to a week celebrating curly hair!

Curls Week - Hair Romance

One of the biggest curly hair problems is whether to have a fringe / bangs and how to style them.

Curly hair has a tendency to shrink up once it curls. I don’t know anyone with curly hair that hasn’t had a fringe cut too short or a disaster story about their bangs.

I have had some shockers, but I love having a side swept fringe. I have some shorter, face framing layers cut in my hair and love wearing them curly and straight.

From my trial and error I have some tips on whether you should get bangs and how to style your fringe to avoid the frizz.

How to style curly bangs / fringes

Should you get bangs / a fringe with curly hair?

Why not?!

I have a longer, side swept fringe and I love it. Remember your hair should express your personality so go with whatever you like.

I will share a few words of caution…

  • Don’t get a fringe in summer. You are asking for trouble. Wait until autumn and then chat to your hairdresser about what style would suit your hair. Then you can enjoy your new hair all winter, and start growing them out in time for summer. Repeat this haircut routine seasonally.
  • Do you have time to style them? I believe that any face shape can wear bangs, but you need extra time to style them in the mornings. If you’re already in a rush, I would skip the fringe.
  • Consider the shrinkage. If your hair curls tightly, consider cutting your fringe when your hair is dry and styled naturally. It’s so easy to cut off more than you want, and it’s not easy to put it back on. Your stylist can wet your hair later to even up the cut, but check that they understand just how much your hair will curl up when it’s dry.
  • Always carry bobby pins. You know how sensitive curly hair is to the weather, and without fail you will reach for a bobby pin to twist back your bangs at some point. You know it’s inevitable.

How to style a curly fringe / bangs

  • Never rub your hair with your towel. The hair around your face is always more fragile. It’s exposed to more wind and sun, as well as being pulled back the tightest into ponytails and updos. Be gentle with your fringe and you’ll reduce the risk of frizz.
  • Twist it. Help your bangs to look their best by encouraging the curls to sit where you want them. When your hair is wet, use some curl cream or gel to twist them around your finger into the shape you like.
  • Give it some heated help. If your bangs just won’t listen to reason, heat them into shape. Take a small curling wand, roughly the same shape as your curls, and curl your fringe. Check out my video tutorial for how to restyle curly hair.
  • Straighten them, just a little. You may wear the rest of your naturally curly, but it’s ok to straighten out your fringe a little. Super straight blunt bangs can look a bit harsh so I prefer a lightly smoothed look. Use a brush to blowdry your fringe in the opposite direction that you want your hair to sit. Then lightly blow them back in the right direction and they’ll sit so much better. You can use a pomade to control your bangs, or give them a spritz of hairspray to hold them in place.

Looking for some curly bangs inspiration? Check out Hair Romance’s Curly Hair Romance board on Pinterest.

Do you have a curly fringe? Do you love it or hate it? Do you have a bang disaster story too?

Image shot by Eric Cassee found here.

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