Boho braids tutorial

Boho braids tutorial

Hair Romance - boho braids how to

Even without this amazing pink hair, these boho braids are a simple and gorgeous hairstyle anyone can do.

When I saw on Instagram that my friend Elly had coloured her hair, I squealed with delight. Then I made sure she could come over and shoot a tutorial with me. Her pink hair is so vibrant and I love it. I’m kinds obsessed.

Hair Romance - uneven braids

Inspired by a tutorial by Amber Fillerup, these boho braids are a new favourite of mine.

The trick for this style is to do uneven braids. This gives your braids a completely new look.

Boho braids tutorial

Hair Romance - the boho braids tutorial

What you need

  • 3 hair elastics, in clear or to match your hair colour.


  1. Create the centre braid. Take a small section of hair at the crown of your head. Braid it with 3 uneven sections and secure the end with an elastic.
  2. Create a smaller braid on the right. Take a small section on the right side, so that it is level with the first braid. Split it into 3 equal sections and do a regular braid/plait. Secure the end with an elastic.
  3. Cover up the other braid with this joining section. Take sections from either side of your head and combine them in a braid on the left side. Secure the end with a clear elastic, or one that matched your hair colour.
  4. Stretch out your braids. My most important step! Stretch out your braids to show off the uneven sections and to make your hair look thicker.

Hair Romance - uneven boho braids tutorial

Styling Tips

  • The key to a great uneven boho braid is to make one section really small and the other two sections equal, or as close to. Then stretch the normal size sections out but don’t stretch the small section.
  • Small elastics are important as they are disguised in your hair. Choose a small hair elastic for the end of each plait.
  • If you want to maintain your pink hair, ask your hairdresser to mix up a coloured conditioner so you can refresh your hair at home while you treat your hair. WIN!

Hair Romance - boho braids tutorial

What do you think of these boho braids? And how amazing is Elly’s hair!

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