Blondes Week – Knot a Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Blondes Week – Knot a Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - Knot a braid hair tutorial

Is it a braid? No, it’s knots!

Yes, it’s a terrible pun but I had to do it. This cute style pretends to be a braid but really it’s a series of knots. Best of all, it’s really easy to do.

Hair Romance - Blondes Week

This hairstyle tutorial marks the start of Blondes Week on Hair Romance! Curls Week was a hit so I’m keeping these theme weeks going. Don’t worry brunettes and redheads, your time is coming soon.

This knot-braid style is perfect for blondes, but it will also look great for brunettes or redheads. Ideally you want to have a mix of tones in your hair so that it highlights the detail in this style. Often in darker hair that’s all one colour, it’s difficult to create styles that stand out.

I’ve had this photo in my inspiration folder for ages. I love how her style looks like a braid but is really just a series of knots. It’s so simple to do and it can be worn in lots of ways.

Hair Romance - the Knot a braid hair style tutorial

Even if you can’t braid, you should give this hairstyle a try. It’s knot as hard as it looks! (and I promise that’s the last pun too)

Knot a Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - Knot a braid hairstyle tutorial

You’ll need:

  • A small clear hair elastic
  • Bobby pins


  1. Create a deep side part. You can do this on either side, or even try a centre part and do a knot-braid on either side!
  2. Take a small section of hair at your part and split it in two. 
  3. Loop the sections into a knot. Pull the knot tight against your head.
  4. Add in hair on either side and repeat. Loop the section to form a knot and pull it tight.
  5. Continue adding in hair and creating more knots. For this style I’ve created five knots.
  6. Secure the ends of your knot-braid with a hair elastic. Use a small clear elastic as it’s much easier to hide in the finished style.
  7. Pin your knot-braid back. Pin it under a section of hair at the back or side of your head.
  8. Pin in place. Use a couple of bobby pins to hold the knots in place or pin down any layers that are sticking out.

Hair Romance - Knot a braid hair style tutorial

Styling Tips and Variations

  • Wherever you can wear a braid, try this knot-braid variation. You can wear two knot-braids next to each other for extra detail.
  • If, like me, your fringe is sticking out of the knots, use bobby pins to pin back the layers. A spritz of hairspray also helps.
  • If your hair is frizzy, use a couple of drops of serum to smooth your hair. You can also use a water spray to dampen your hair slightly to do this style more neatly.
  • To get Julianne Hough’s look from my inspiration image, just pin the rest of your hair up into a messy updo.

By the way, my necklace is from BaubleBar.

Hair Romance - Knot a braid tutorial

Are you a blonde? What hair questions would you like to see answered in Blondes Week? What are your favourite styles to wear in blonde hair?

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