Big Hair Friday – NYFW Hair-spiration – Czar

Big Hair Friday – NYFW Hair-spiration – Czar


You know I can’t go past a braid and O&M Global Creative Director Janelle Chaplin has created a stunning look for the CZAR BY Cesar Galindo SS15 show.

Janelle said “We mixed stunning Caribbean braids with samurai strength to create a relaxed glamour with a chic Caribbean vibe.”


How to get the look:

  1. Section hair into a 4 star section and apply equal amounts of O&M Frizzy Logic and O&M Style Guru until hair is saturated.
  2. Begin to fishtail braid the 3 back sections making sure the braids are firm and tight. You can find my detailed fishtail braid tutorial here.
  3. Pull the top section over and smooth down with more product.
  4. Fishtail braid the end of top section and then braid all the ends of each fishtail plait together.
  5. Finish the braid by wrapping metallic tape around the end and spritz with hairspray to set the look.

Have you been watching the NYFW runways for new hairstyles? I’ll have a full trend wrap-up next week with my picks fo the best hairstyles to bring into your hair-drobe.

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