Beauty Blog School

Beauty Blog School

Hair Romance - Beauty Blog School

Beauty blog school is in session!

If you’re a blogger, or would like to be one, I’m starting a new series on how to be a beauty blogger.

If you’re not into blogging, don’t worry, my regular hair content will be back tomorrow. I post new tutorials every Tuesday.

For now, beauty blog school will be in session on Mondays.

Maybe you made a New Years resolution to start a blog, or already have one, then beauty blog school is for you. I’ll share answers to some of my frequently asked questions and show you how to set up your own blog.

Whether you blog about beauty or photography or garden gnomes, I hope you’ll find these posts helpful.

My number one blogging tip

My number one blogging tip is to just do it.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and it has changed my life.

Blogging is a fantastic way to define your style, exercise your creative muscle and to connect with an incredible community.

Starting a blog is easy (I’ll show you how in a step-by-step tutorial next Monday) but keeping a blog going is the tricky part.

You need to show up and just keep writing. The more you do it, the easier it will become. Don’t overthink it (like I have a tendency to do) and just start.

I’m not a big fan of homework but if you don’t have a blog yet then I have a task for you. I want you to start thinking of a name for you blog. You can go under your name, or choose something related to your blog topic.

I’ll see you back here next Monday to walk you through how to get started.

Now’s your time to ask me you blogging questions – are you unsure of how to find readers, or is managing your time a problem for you?

Hit me up with your blogging questions in the comments below.

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