7 tips for sexy hair

7 tips for sexy hair

Feeling sexy is all about confidence, and nothing gives me more confidence than a good hair day.

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Hair Romance - 7 tips for sexy hair

I wish I could bottle that feeling of a good hair day.

That moment where you just get your hair done and you’re walking down the street, swishing your hair all over the place.

That morning when your bedhead actually looks good and you just spritz a little dry shampoo and strut out the door looking like a babe.

But for those days when you’re just not feeling it, here are 7 tips for great hair to bring your sexy back.

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Pump up the volume

Flat hair makes you feel flat. It’s good to let your hair air dry, but it can become a bit flat on top. Turn your head upside down and shake it all out. Grab your hairdryer and give your roots a blast to help them stand up. Then sprinkle a little volume powder in your hair. I swear this stuff is like magic dust because it makes me feel like I’ve got twice as much hair. It’s an instant pick-me-up on bad hair days and it makes soft clean hair look sexier.

Act fresh

Now if your dirty hair is the reason you’re not feeling sexy, it’s time to get fresh fast with some dry shampoo. I have no idea what I did before dry shampoo. (Maybe I wore more hats?) This product will help you bring sexy back in under a minute. If you don’t like using it, you may be making these dry shampoo mistakes.

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Curl it up

Embrace your curls! If you haven’t got them, grab a wand and start waving. Even if you do have curls, a curling wand can do magic things to your hair. Curls add body and movement to your hair. They help your updos stay in place too. Make like a mermaid and add in some beachy waves with a sea salt spray. Spritz it into damp hair and scrunch the ends of your hair to encourage the curl.

A change is as good as a sexy holiday

For the quickest fix to your hair, change your part line. Switch your centre part to the side, or make your side part even deeper. You’ll instantly have volume on top. This simple part move can completely alter your look, and in a good way. Try it now.

When you find yourself in a hair rut, you need to experiment. Try a new hairstyle and have fun with your look. So you always wear your hair down? Time to switch it up. Check out my hairstyle tutorials and pick a new style to wear today.

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Faking it isn’t a bad thing

If you dream of long sexy hair, why not fake it? Clip in some hair extensions and live out your mermaid dreams. Get playful with colour and try these DIY pink clip in extensions. Make your small bun seem bigger by padding it out with a donut. I won’t tell and you’ll feel more confident (and a bit taller!)

Fringe benefits

If you feeling like you really need a change, consider the benefits of a fringe. Often referred to as an alternative to botox, fringes make you look younger and they can be fun. There’s a fringe for every face shape – from blunt fringes, curtain fringes or side sweeping layers. You can even fake it with a clip-in fringe to see if you’re ready for the chop.

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Sexiness is all in your attitude. If you feel great, you look great and people can sense that energy.

Perfect isn’t sexy. Be yourself and remember to smile.

What’s your favourite sexy hairstyle?

Co-ordinated by The Remarkables Group. Images shot by Hair Romance with the Winner of Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair & TheyAllHateUs Blog

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