5 tips to cope with a major hair colour change

5 tips to cope with a major hair colour change

Hair Romance - How to cope with a major hair colour change

Your hair is your best accessory. But what do you do when you go through a major hair change and your best accessory no longer works with your wardrobe?

Changing your hair colour affects more than you realise. Your skin looks different, your wardrobe may not work and your regular hair care routine needs a shake up too.

Over the last few salon visits I’ve been changing my hair colour gradually and looking back at some old photos I realised that I’ve had a major hair colour change without really meaning to.

I was feeling a bit sentimental for my old hair. It’s not that I don’t love my new colour, I’m really happy. It’s just that I understood my old colour so much better because I wore it for so long.

I was finding that it took me so much longer to get ready because I wasn’t used to my new hair.

I decided to embrace the change and learned how to cope with my new hair colour.

Are you thinking of a major hair colour change? If so, I’ve got a great tip to decide if you’re ready.

Will the new hair colour suit you?

Hair Romance - photoshop to see if a new hair colour will suit you

Play around with makeover programs to see if your new colour will suit you.

There are lots of free hair makeover apps, or try photoshop to see what you’d look like with different hair.

A brand sent me this photoshopped picture and it was the impetus for me to try red hair. It’s an easy, low risk way to try before you buy.

5 tips to cope with a major hair colour change

So you’ve been to the salon and are loving your brand new hair colour but things still feel a bit weird. These five tips will help you to cope with the change.

  1. Visit the makeup counter – Your hair colour can change the appearance and tone of your skin. You may need to wear more (or less) makeup than before. Have a play with makeup in store and ask a makeup artist for advice. You will need new products and find you can wear looks you didn’t think you could with your old hair. Have fun with your new look!
  2. Go shopping and try things on– Make sure you go into the change room and try on a range of different colours to see what works with your new hair. Pick up colours that didn’t work with your old hair. You may just find your new favourite colour combination.
  3. Clean out your wardrobe – Now you know what colours suit your new hair, it’s time to sort your wardrobe. Unfortunately some of your favourite items won’t have the same pop with your new hair. Put your clothes away just in case (or sell/donate them).
  4. Streamline your new morning routine – With your new knowledge of the makeup and colour combinations that suit your hair, it’s time to reorganise. I like to snap a photo of new outfit combinations for reference. Reorganise your closet and makeup bag so all your new favourites are ready at hand.
  5. Switch your hair care routine – your new hair colour needs special care. If you’ve gone from brunette to blonde you’ll need a toning shampoo. Changing from blonde to brunette will need colour care products to make sure your new hair won’t fade. Ask your hairdresser for specific advice for your hair.

With these simple tips, you’ll no longer feel sentimental for your old look. Really embrace your new hair and with these steps you’ll be rocking your new hair (and fast)!

Have you gone through a major hair colour change? What steps did you take to get used to your new look?

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