3 fun apps to experiment with your hair colour

3 fun apps to experiment with your hair colour

Hair Romance - 3 free fun apps to experiment with your hair

If you’re thinking about a major hair colour change, you’ll love these apps to help you try on a new hair colour, risk-free.

Some of the apps I’ve tried in the past are so awful and spammy. These are really good fun to play with, even if you just want to see what you look like with pink hair. You can experiment with your hair colour, risk-free.

Best of all, these apps are free too! Note they do have some in-app purchases, but I’ve been testing them and find the free versions are good enough.

1. Hair Color

Hair Romance - Modiface hair colour hair app

The Hair Color App is a quick and easy way to see what you’d look like with a new hair colour. Before you take the plunge in the salon, try this app to see if you’re ready for that major colour change.

You just need to upload a photo and outline your hair to create a mask. The outline of your hair is tricky but don’t stress, you can tidy up the mask after to be more exact. Then just tap to try new colours.  It’s super easy to share on social after too to get your friends’ opinions.

2. Hair Color Booth

Hair Romance - Hair Colour Booth hair app

Similar to Hair Color, the Hair Color Booth app lets you experiment with your hair colour in crazy shades. You can also select just some of your hair to try different colour streaks or ombre colour combinations.

This is a great app to freak out your mum or friends too! There’s only a few colours in the free version but it’s enough to try some rainbow hair.

3. Virtual Makeover

Hair Romance - Virtual Makeover hair app

The Virtual Makeover app takes it one step further and let’s you try on different hairstyles and makeup looks.

You can choose from celebrity styles but they are easy to customise to suit your head shape. Make sure you use a photo that’s exactly front on to the camera for the best match.

Then you can also play with your makeup, which will really help determine if the new look will suit you. Or you can just plan your hair & makeup for Saturday night! I love that they give actual makeup colours so you can match it in real life too.

Have you experimented with any apps to change your hair colour? What hair colour would you choose if it was this easy to change in real life?

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