What’s your hair horoscope?

What’s your hair horoscope?

Hey girl, what’s your hair sign? No, this isn’t some dodgy pick up line. Finding out your hair horoscope is the first step to hair happiness.

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Hair Romance - Hair Happiness Challenge - What's your hair sign

Whether you’re into star signs or not (I’m Sagittarius by the way) reading your horoscope can be quite enlightening. It can reveal your personality traits and predict your behaviour.

Your hair horoscope is your guide to your hair’s personality and can forecast how many good hair days you’ll have this week.

You may not realise this but I never used to be hair obsessed. I hated my hair. Every morning was a struggle with my hair and good hair days hardly every happened.

I went through a long journey to learn to love my hair. It’s been a journey of discovery and I now see my hair as my best accessory.

Hair Romance - Hair Happiness Challenge - Love your hair

So on this hair journey I learned that taking care of your hair is key to getting rid of bad hair days for good.

But to know the right products for your hair, you need some guidelines.

That’s where your hair horoscope comes in.

This hair horoscope quiz is a bit of fun but I was surprised by the accuracy of my hair personality predictions.

Want to know my hair sign? I took the quiz and I’m a Sizzle Sister! My hair horoscope predicted that my hair is as ravishing and vibrant as my colourful personality. I can’t help but agree ;). They know I like a bit of sparkle and my hair horoscope also prescribed the path to my hair happiness.

The Hair Happiness Challenge

Hair Romance - Hair Happiness Challenge

I’m teaming up with Schwarzkopf again on a fabulous hair challenge that I believe everyone should be part of.

We’re on a quest to bring more hair happiness!

I’d love you to join me in the weekly hair challenges. If more hair happiness isn’t enough reason to join us, there are also some fab prizes up for grabs. Each week of the Hair Happiness challenge, there are heaps of $50 vouchers to Beginning Boutique to be won.

Complete all four weekly challenges and you could win an exclusive lunch and styling session with photographer, model and uber-blogger, Zanita Whittington. The grand prize winner will also receive $500 spending money!

Personally, the quest for more hair happiness and fewer bad hair days is motivation enough.

Want to know your hair horoscope?

Head on over to Style Studio to join the Hair Happiness Challenge. Take the quick quiz to find out your hair horoscope. Then come back here and tell me what sign you are!

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