What happens at a blogging workshop

What happens at a blogging workshop

What happens at blogging workshops - Little Blog Big Australian bloggers

This post is for my fellow bloggers, or if you’ve ever wanted to start a blog.

Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever done, and one of the longest jobs I’ve ever had! I’ve been blogging for five years now and meeting other bloggers at workshops and events has really helped me to grow my blog.

Normal hair content will be back on Hair Romance tomorrow with a new hairstyle tutorial but today I’m sharing more about Little Blog Big, the blogging workshops I run with Carly from Smaggle.

So I first “met” Carly on Twitter (this was before Instagram existed!) and not long after that we met in person at the Problogger conference in Melbourne. That conference held a lot of firsts for me, including being asked to speak on a panel there about how I had grown my blog to over 100k readers in less than a year.

Blogging conferences are unlike any business conferences I’d been to before. They’re way more fun for starters, and they’ve challenged and inspired me. The bloggers I’ve connected with at meet-ups and events have been my motivators, my sounding boards and my biggest supporters – not to mention some of my closest friends.

Having a tribe around you that understands what you do is so important. None of my friends had blogs then, so meeting people who were doing the same thing as me was incredible. Working at home can be lonely, but not when you can reach out to your blogging friends.

I wanted to go to more blogging events and connect other new bloggers together, and that’s why Carly and I started Little Blog Big. Watching these connections happen at our own events is the best part.

What happens at blogging workshops - Little Blog Big Australian bloggers

What to expect at a blogging event

  • Feeling inspired. A room of people who are taking action and working towards their dreams is an amazing place to hang out.
  • Learning and taking lots of notes. But don’t worry, we also give you handouts to take home.
  • Getting your questions answered in real life.
  • No judgement for being on your phone. You don’t need to explain to anyone that you’re still listening. We know you’re just checking Instagram at the same time and that’s ok.
  • Talking to lots of other bloggers. It’s not just sitting down all day, there’s plenty of opportunity to connect with other people in the room. That’s the benefit of taking your blog off-screen.
  • Lots of fun, colour and instagrammable moments – like in our photobooth above!

Behind the scenes

What happens at blogging workshops - Little Blog Big Australian bloggers

Little Blog Big Australian blogging workshop - your gift bag

There’s a whole heap of planning, writing and organising behind the scenes. Once it gets to the actual day, Carly and I love setting up the events. On every chair you’ll find a cool goody bag for you to take home.

Thanks to our previous gift bag sponsors evo, Lady Jayne and Schwarzkopf. We also like to put in a few extra surprises for our blogger friends.

Little Blog Big Melbourne

Little Blog Big - Melb event - Anna Buckley

Photos from our Melbourne event by Anna Buckley

Our Melbourne group was amazing and so supportive. Surrounded by hanging terrariums, we went through 4 learning sessions and had lots of time to network with drinks at the end of the day too.

Little Blog Big Sydney

Little Blog Big Australian blogging workshop - Sydney

Photos from our Sydney event, thanks to @fabulousandfunlife@theannoyedthyroid@mrandmrsromance@vanya_wilkinson, @percivalroad.

We had such a fabulous group for Sydney – and I am officially obsessed with these foil letter balloons! Shout out to The Balloon Shop as these balloons were very high quality and stayed up for days. During our class we covered finding your blogging groove, how to be more productive and how to monetise your blog.

Little Blog Big Adelaide

What happens at blogging workshops - Little Blog Big Australian bloggers

And our next stop is Adelaide! I am so excited and we have an incredible group waiting there. There are just a few tickets left so if you’re a creative, small business owner or blogger you have to come along. Click here for more details about our Adelaide workshop.

What happens at blogging workshops - Little Blog Big Australian bloggers

So if you’ve ever wondered what happens at a blogging workshop, you should come along and experience it for yourself! If you’re in Adelaide, quickly book now or sign up here to find out when we’re coming to your city.

Have you ever been to a blogging event?

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