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Blonde hair don't care

The Style Loop is a roundup of my fave links of the week for you to read on the weekend, plus some of my fave stylish finds.

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday I taught the inaugural Little Blog Big workshop with my pal Carly from Smaggle and it was amazing! I had the best day with a fabulous group of bloggers. Can’t wait to do it again soon in Sydney on 18th April! Click here for tickets.

Here’s what I got up to last week with Jim and also on my own as I was away on a girls’ trip. I’ve discovered a new love for the outdoors, 4×4 driving and jet skis. Especially jet skis. They are awesome fun.

Jim also wrote about an incredible day we spent in Mayan villages in Mexico.

Do you have a signature hairstyle? I found this post so interesting as my hair changed so much as a teen that my childhood hairstyle is impossible to achieve naturally. For a time I did try and replicate it but it’s just not the same.

5 lessons from a makeup artist. Huge yes to #5.

The best cookie combo ever.

Fab online shopping tips, especially for Aussies.

And on that topic, I just bought this dress in black.

Also have my eye on this dress.

What have you been reading / loving this week? Have you kept your childhood hairstyle or do you like change?

Image via Tuula

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