The secret to growing your blog – Beauty Blog School

The secret to growing your blog – Beauty Blog School

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Networking - the secret to growing your blog

Want to know the secret to growing your blog?

You have to get off your blog.

Networking is the key to growing your blog. Whatever type of work you do or business you run, the community around you is part of your success story.

If you come from a corporate background, networking can be a dirty word. I remember attending some seriously boring networking events but it’s not like that at all in the blogging world. It’s way more fun and always surprising who you’ll meet.

How to build your blogging network

To grow your blog you need a blogging network around you. This isn’t a clique, but rather a friendly and open group of like-minded bloggers who are on the same path as you.

The key to authentic networking is to focus on what you can do to help the other person. Who do you know that can help them reach their goals? What can you do to assist them in their work? Whatever you put out in the world will come back to you.

Comment on other blogs

Blogging is a conversation. Build relationships with bloggers at a similar level to you by commenting on their blogs. It’s the first step to creating a real connection with other bloggers when you leave a thoughtful comment on their post or Instagram picture.

Feature other bloggers

Shine a light on bloggers you admire by interviewing them and featuring them on your blog. This is a great way to connect with bloggers with a larger influence or audience than you. Share their posts on social media with your audience too.

Go to meetups and events

Connecting online is good but meeting up in real life is where the magic happens. You never know where those connections can take you.

If you’re nervous about going to meetups, here are my 10 tips for networking at blog events.

Every major step in growing my blog has come from connections I made at blogging events. That’s why I’ve teamed up with one of my blogging besties, Carly from Smaggle, to create workshops for bloggers. We first met at a blogging conference back in 2011 after connecting on Twitter.

Little blog big - Networking - the secret to growing your blog

If you’re in Australia, I’d love you to come to our Little Blog Big workshops! Join our facebook page to find out about future events.

What’s your best tip for networking with other bloggers? 

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