That time I had orange, purple and pink hair

That time I had orange, purple and pink hair

One time I had orange, purple and pink hair and was in a magazine…

Pink, purple and orange hair

So why did I colour my hair? Well, why not?!

I think everyone should have pink hair at least once. It’s so fun and pink hair is really flattering too.

So naturally I jumped at the chance to be on this shoot with the fab Stevie of Stevie English Hair and Refoil. This two page feature was published in The Journal Magazine.

Refoil are an incredible brand that are focused on sustainability. Did you know foil can take 500 years to degrade? Hairdressing often has a high environmental impact but it doesn’t have to be this way. Find out if your salon is eco friendly here. I was thrilled to work with Refoil to show off Stevie’s colouring skills.

Stevie created this cool colour to work with my braid. The bright colours weave only through the braid and I love the finished look.

How to foil pink hair

If you’re a colourist and want to learn Stevie’s tips, you can read the hi-res copy and check out my Refoil story here.

You can also find my high crown braid tutorial here.

Have you ever had pink, purple and orange hair? What’s the craziest colour you’ve had in your hair?

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