Super easy updo hairstyle tutorial for curly hair

Super easy updo hairstyle tutorial for curly hair


Hair Romance - Curly Hair Tutorial - easy curly updo

I never discriminate but for this super easy updo hairstyle tutorial, you do need curly hair.

Most hairstyle tutorials that I create for Hair Romance can be done in both straight and curly hair. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how the style would look in differently textured hair but it shouldn’t stop you from trying it anyway. You can really make the style unique in your hair.

But this hairstyle is an exception.

You do need curly hair for this twisted curly updo.

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is naturally curly or you’ve curled your hair with a curling wand or hot rollers.

What matters is texture.

You won’t get the same result in straight hair for this hairstyle tutorial.

If your hair is naturally curly, I recommend following these steps on how to style curly hair. LINK

If you want to curl your hair, check out this waves hairstyle tutorial. LINK

Now you’ve got some fabulous curls happening in your hair, let’s try this super easy updo tutorial.

Super easy updo hairstyle tutorial for curly hair

Hair Romance - Curly Hair Tutorial - easy curly updo

What you need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair elastics (Only if you have long or thick hair)

Step-by-step tutorial:

  1. This is a more free-form tutorial as we’ll loosely pin up sections of curls. You can adapt it to suit your curls as you go.
  2. Don’t brush curly hair! You can use a leave in conditioner spray if you have any tangles.
  3. Separate a section on top of your head down to around your temples. Give it a twist at the back and pin it in place with bobby pins. I like to leave it loose to keep some volume on top.
  4. Next take a section of curls near your left ear and twist them over and around the first bobby pins. Pin them in place with bobby pins.
  5. Depending on how much hair you have, split the rest of your hair in 2-4 sections. Twist each section up into a loose bun and pin in place.
  6. Look out for any curls poking out and push them back in. Use a pin to keep them up if you need to.

Hair Romance - Curly Hair Tutorial - easy curly updo

Styling tips:

  1. If you have long or thick hair – use hair elastics to create some small ponytails in step 5. This helps hold your hair up so you can pin the curls more easily.
    Also, try using spin pins instead of bobby pins if you have thick hair.
  1. If you’re not a fan of asymmetrical styles – make the updo centred at the back of your head, below your occipital bone. That’s the bone you can feel at the back of your head where it curves down.
  2. Work with your curls – if you like layers around your face, leave them out. If you don’t, then twist them back and pin them into your updo.

This style is so easy because you adapt it to your curls. When you have beautifully defines curls, just loosely pinning them up creates a gorgeous updo.

Hair Romance - Curly Hair Tutorial - easy curly updo

This is the type of curly hairstyle you could wear to an event or a wedding. Just add in an accessory or jewelled hair pin.

This tutorial is also quick enough to do when you just want your hair off your neck. It’s so much cooler than a regular ponytail.

I’d love to know if you have curly hair, or if you love to curl your hair. Would you like to see more tutorials for curls?

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