Street Style Hair Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week

Street Style Hair Inspiration from Paris Fashion Week

Hair Romance - Street style hair inspiration by Ashka Shen - sombre colour

Street style hair inspiration from the streets of Paris Fashion Week.

Thanks to Ashka of Xssat, Hair Romance is sharing street style hair inspiration from around the world. This week it’s France and that perfect #iwokeuplikethis hair.

How do the French get that perfect bed head hair? Sadly, it’s mostly genetic, but there are some tricks to make your bedhead hair look more like it belongs to a fashion editor.

How to get bedhead hair that looks good

  • At bedtime, twist your hair up into a loose top knot. Secure it with clip instead of an elastic band so you don’t get any marks in your hair.
  • In the morning, spritz a little dry shampoo at your roots and the midlengths of your hair. Give your roots a quick blast with your hair dryer.
  • To define your ends, a couple of drops of hair oil or serum will add just the right amount of polish.

Happy weekend and here’s to waking up and looking flawless. Get out there and flaunt your street style hair x

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