Reader Question – Simple hair care tips for dyed blonde hair

Reader Question – Simple hair care tips for dyed blonde hair

Hair Romance - Hair care tips for dyed blonde hair

Blonde hair can be high maintenance and that often comes with a high price tag. Here are some simple hair care tips for dyed blonde hair that won’t cost you a lot.

I’ve been colouring my hair for years and going from blonde to red hair I admitted I was obsessed with being a blonde and have recently gone back to blonde with Olaplex.

Karen recently wrote to me about her new hair colour:

I recently went from several years of red hair (my hair is naturally black), with a good amount of gray, to blonde. Although, I love the blonde color and get lots of compliments on it, I am, for the first time ever, experiencing extremely dry, frizzy hair. I need HELP. Also, don’t have money to spare. Please tell me what I can do. THANK YOU.

That is a big colour change Karen!

Being blonde does come with a high maintenance price tag but you can simplify your routine. The process of lightening your hair makes the hair shaft thicker and dries out your hair. It’s a side effect of dyed blonde hair which is great if you have oily, fine hair but needs extra care to keep it looking good.

Simple hair care tips for dyed blonde hair

  • Do a weekly deep conditioning treatment. Your normal conditioner isn’t enough to nourish your hair after all that you put it through to be blonde. Add in a weekly masque to your hair care routine. I love salon treatments but you can find some great cheaper brands such as Schwarzkopf 60 second treatments.
  • DIY a hair masque. If you want to save money, a great natural treatment is coconut oil. You can do a masque treatment before you wash your hair. Apply coconut oil to the ends of your hair and massage it through your hair. Leave it for 10 minutes, an hour or overnight if you like. (Put a towel on your pillow and clip up your hair for overnight!) Rinse and shampoo the oil out and then condition your hair after as normal.
  • Take a break from heat styling. If you hair is dry and damaged, put the straighteners down. I would also avoid any heat styling where possible as this will further damage your hair and make it dry. If you must style your hair then please use a heat protectant spray.

If you’re looking for a treatment then check out these cult products that saved my damaged hair.

Switching the colour of your hair drastically affects more than just your hair so here are 5 tips to cope with a major hair colour change.

Have you got any other hair care tips for dyed blonde hair for Karen? Let me know in the comments. You can also ask any other hair questions too.

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