Reader Question – How to style curly bangs / fringes

Reader Question – How to style curly bangs / fringes

Hair Romance - How to style curly bangs fringes

I love having some hair around my face but it can be a nightmare to style curly bangs / fringes.

I had a great question this week from Cindy who asks:

I really love your blog and tutorials! I was wondering how you styled your bangs in this picture. My hair is fine and the curls look similar to yours, however when I leave my bangs without styling them somehow, they simply just hang. I can’t seem to get them to incorporate into the style.
Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks so much, Cindy!

There are quite a few tricks to style curly bangs. In the picture you linked to (which is the same as above) I have to say that I cheated a little and used a curling wand to reshape the front curls.

Check out my tutorial on how to style curly bangs here. A small curling wand is one of my tricks for styling curly bangs / fringes.

On a good day, my hair curls in the right direction but on other days, I turn to these other styling tricks.

Be gentle with bangs / fringes

After washing your hair, never rub your hair with a towel. You need to avoid causing frizz. The hair around your face is the most fragile. Gently squeeze the water out and let your curls take their natural shape. You can then air dry or use a diffuser.

Twist them

If your curls need some help, get some serum or curl cream and twist your hair when it’s damp. Create small twisted curls in your hair. I like to mix it up and curl most sections away from my face but leave a couple twisted towards my face to keep that natural look.

Then after twisting your curls to encourage the shape, you can let them air dry or use a diffuser to style curly bangs.

Straighten them, just a little

If you have a full fringe / bangs then they can look great a little straighter than the rest of your curls. Experiment and see how they look when they are really straight or slightly waved.

Don’t be afraid to start again

If your curls still aren’t sitting right, use a water spray to dampen them and start again.

I love hearing your hair questions and while I try to answer most via email, I hope to share them here to help those who are to scared to ask.

If you’ve got a hair question, leave it in the comments or email me thehair[at]hairromance[dot]com.

Curly girls, how do you like to style your fringe / bangs?

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