New curly hairstyle tutorial tips for braiding curly hair

New curly hairstyle tutorial   tips for braiding curly hair

Hair Romance - curly hair tutorial - braided updo for curls 1

As part of my move on Instagram to share more everyday curly hairstyles, here’s a new hairstyle tutorial for curly hair that’s quick and easy to do.

This Dutch braided updo is quick to style in curly hair. It’s perfect for messy curls and second (or third) day hair.

Most of the time I shoot my tutorials in straight hair. It’s easier for me to style and restyle straight hair and keep my hair looking good. When I restyle my curly hair is becomes even frizzier. But if you can look past the frizz, I’ll be bringing you some new quick hairstyle ideas for curly girls.

Hair Romance - curly hair tutorial - braided updo for curls 3

First up, this Dutch braid updo is a go-to for me when the front of my hair looks ok but the back is a mess. If I can save a few curls around my face, then this braid tidies the rest of my hair away. I love this style for summer as it keeps my hair off my neck. It’s also easy to wear with a hat as it sits below my ears.

If you’re not great with braiding, keep practising and read my tips for braiding curly hair below the tutorial.

Curly hairstyle tutorial – quick Dutch braided updo

Hair Romance - curly hair tutorial - braided updo for curls

What you need:

  • Small hair elastic
  • Bobby pins


  1. Leave some curls loose at the front and make a deep side part.
  2. Take a section of hair on the right side and split this into three to start your braid. 
  3. Begin your Dutch braid. A Dutch braid is the reverse of a French braid. Instead of crossing over, you cross the hair under. This leaves the braid sitting on top which looks great in curly hair. Cross the left section under the middle, then the right section under the left.
  4. Add in hair to the next section as you cross it under. Add in hair on each side as your braid.
  5. Angle your braid diagonally across to the left side of your neck. Make sure to leave some curly layers loose, or don’t pull too tightly as you add hair from around your face. I think this style looks better with some volume around the face.
  6. Finish your Dutch braid in a regular side braid. Secure the end of your braid with a small hair elastic.
  7. Fold your braid back underneath and pin it in place at the back of your head. If your hair is a lot longer than mine, you can fold your hair twice. Alternatively you can finish in a side bun on the left side.
  8. Arrange the curls around your face and pin any in place if required.

Hair Romance - curly hair tutorial - braided updo for curls 2

Tips for braiding curly hair

  • Don’t brush before you braid – this is my advice for straight hair but curly girls can skip the brushes. Unless you want even more frizz, then go for it.
  • Work with your curls – it’s almost impossible to take neat and exact sections when you braid curly hair. When you add in hair, work with your curls and take sections that include the whole curl. When you break up the curls you create frizz, so work with them instead of trying to force the braid.
  • Using product – I find it much easier to braid my curls when I use a leave-in conditioner spray to soften them. If my hair is looking extra frizzy, I’ll add in a little curl cream or a serum to define my curls, especially around my face.

Hair Romance - curly hair tutorial - braided updo for curls 4

I hope you enjoyed this curly hairstyle tutorial. Let me know in the comments what tutorial you’d like to see next.

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