How to make your blowdry (blowout) last for days

How to make your blowdry (blowout) last for days

I love the feeling of salon-fresh hair. I want to show you how I make my blowdry last for days to keep that salon feeling for as long as possible.

Some people love getting a facial or a massage but for me, my favourite pamper treat is a blowdry.

A blowdry is the same as a blowout, just in case there was any confusion. As I’m Australian I’ll keep calling it a blowdry.

Now there are lots of blowdry bars opening up to get your hair done for a bargain, but even still I want my hair to last.

So to keep my blowdry looking awesome for as long as possible I follow these 10 tips.

How to make your blow dry last – 10 tips for great hair

Hair Romance - How to make your blowdry last for days

1. Don’t touch your hair

I know your hair feels amazing after a blow dry but please don’t touch it. Your hands and dirty and it’s messing up your hair so stop it. I’m a nervous hair twirler so I know how addictive it can be. Be really aware and stop yourself from touching your hair.

2. Sleep with your hair clipped up

At night, twist your hair up and clip it loosely on top of your head. See my post on how to wake up with great hair. You’ll avoid frizz from your pillow and tangles during the night.

3. Sleep on silk

Talking of pillows, switching to a silk pillowcase really does make a difference. My mum told me this trick and she’s right. I have one from Slip and a cheap alternative is to tie a scarf around your pillow. That’s also a great option for when you’re travelling.

4. Use a shower cap

Sexy, I know. But your hair needs to be protected. Try these super chic turban shower caps from Louvelle. You’ll love wearing a shower cap with their range and because turban are fabulous.

5. Take shorter showers

And turn down the temperature a little. You want to avoid too much steam which will create frizz in your hair.

6. Dry shampoo is your secret weapon

When those oily roots threaten to undo your do, spray some dry shampoo and brush it through your hair. If you don’t love dry shampoo, you might be making these dry shampoo mistakes.

7. Brush gently

Choose a gentle brush like my beloved Mason Pearson or a Tangle Teezer. These brushes will keep your hair looking smooth rather than fluffy.

8. It’s ok to restyle

You can use a round brush to restyle any kinks with your blowdryer. I often reshape the layers around my face to keep them looking the way I like.

9. Add in some curl

On days three or four, if I’m starting to get a lot of kinks in my hair, I’ll curl it with a 1-inch curling wand. Adding in some texture helps prolong the style so I can still wear my hair out.

10. Braid it

Towards the end of my blowdry’s life, I’ll braid my hair and put it up. This way it still looks good and I can avoid another day of washing my hair. Sometimes when I take my hair out I have such great waves from the braid I push it one day further…

Confession time:

I’ve made a blow dry last seven days. This was probably two days too far, but I think I got away with it because of the braids.

Hair Romance - How to make your blowout last for days

By the way, if you want to pin this post for later, I’ve created images for blowout and blowdry. I wonder which pic will be pinned more?

What’s the longest you’ve made a blowdry last in your hair? What’s your secret?

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