How to clean your hairdryer

How to clean your hairdryer

How to clean your hairdryer

You need to look after your hairstyling tools so here’s how to clean your hairdryer.

Cleaning your hairdryer is super quick and easy to do. It will keep your hairdryer working in top condition and help you to get great hair.

I don’t know why I always forget to do it!

The biggest issue with hairdryers is the dust and dirt that builds up near the motor. At the back of your hairdryer is a grill/cover which is where the air is taken in by the fan. When this gets covered with dust, that same dust and dirt is blown over your hair. Gross, I know.

So cleaning up your hairdryer is also good for your hair! You don’t want that dirt all over your nice, clean hair so make sure you know how to clean your hairdryer and that you do it regularly.

How to clean your hairdryer

  • Remove the back grill/cover over the motor.
  • Brush off the dust, or use your vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and build up. Replace the cover.

Bonus – inspect the nozzle to see if there are any marks or product build up and give it a wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Hair Romance - How to clean your hairdryer - Before After

That’s it! It should only take a minute to do and your hairdryer will be back in top working order.

At first I had no idea how to how to clean my hairdryer, or that it needed to be done at all. I think it was years before I knew you could remove the back grill and clean it out. Now I try and remember to do it every couple of months so it’s not too bad. The before and after above isn’t too gruesome but it does show how quickly dust and dirt can collect at the back of your hairdryer.

Be honest and tell me in the comments, when was the last time you cleaned your hairdryer?

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