Does hair oil make your hair oily?

Does hair oil make your hair oily?

Does hair oil make your hair oily? A lot of people ask me this question. My answer: not if you’re using it the right way.

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Hair Romance - Does hair oil make your hair oily

So what is the right way to use hair oil?

First off, there are at least 11 ways to use hair oils, it’s such a versatile product you can use every day. It won’t make your hair oily if you use the right amount in the right way, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

It also depends on your hair type.

If your hair is curly or dry, you know your hair is thirsty. It craves moisture. It needs conditioning every day. You shouldn’t be washing your hair that often but you should be moisturising your hair every day.

Hair Romance - How to use hair oils in curly hair

For curly hair, here are my favourite ways to use L’Oréal Extraordinary hair oil:

  • In wet hair, add 1 pump in to your hair when it’s still wet. You can lock in the moisture to your hair before applying curl cream or gel.
  • In dry hair, I use 1 pump of hair oil to tame any frizz that’s there after diffusing my curls. It helps to shape my curls and add shine and definition.
  • In second-day hair, I like to dampen my hair slightly and use hair oil to re-twist my messy bed head and add more shine. Oftentimes those second-day curls are even better than the first.

If you have fine hair, I know you might be scared of oils but there’s no longer a risk of your hair looking greasy.

The Extraordinary Oil formulas are so much lighter. Most hair can handle the regular formula but for super fine hair, the Light Mist spray is amazing.

There is a trick to it though.

Hair Romance - The trick to using hair oils in fine hair

This works for oil sprays (and most hair sprays in fact). Never spray in one spot. Think like a graffiti artist. You want to move the bottle as you press the spray nozzle down. Like you’re using a can of spray paint, you spray the mist across your hair.

The fine mist diffuses into your hair, instead of sitting in one spot. For those of you with very fine hair, I would even recommend spraying into your hand rather than your hair.

This is such a game-changer. Whether it’s hair oils, volume spray or hairspray, always move the bottle as you spray.

Now back to hair oils.

Before applying it to your hair, always warm the oil up in your hands first. Rub 1 pump of Extraordinary Oil into your palms. Rub your palms in a circular motion and once the oil is warm, you want to first apply the oil to the ends of your hair. Grab your hair from the ears down and run your hands through your hair.

Once you’ve applied the majority of the oil to your hair, take the residue on your palms on smooth it over the top of your hair. You can catch any flyaways and brush them down into your hair.

Hair Romance - How to use hair oils without making your hair oily

This light touch is all that is needed. Never apply heavy product to the top of your hair. That’s the mistake that will make you think hair oil causes oily hair. It’s the ends of your hair that need hair oil the most.

Hair oils are often seen as expensive but the small amount you need makes them an incredibly good value product. I’ve tried some very expensive oils and oil blends, and L’Oreal Paris Elvis Extraordinary Oils are amazing value.

If you colour your hair, or have thick dry hair then the rich formula is for you. For normal hair, the classic formula is perfect.

If you have fine hair, then the mist helps you give an even lighter effect. Though if you use my technique described above, you can still use the classic formula in fine hair.

So what does cause oily hair?

Many things can cause oily hair. Most often, your scalp feels dry so it goes into overproduction of the body’s natural hair oil, sebum.

Washing your hair every day can also make your hair oilier. It totally depends on your hair and skin type.

Hair oil is not going to make your hair oily, unless you apply too much to the roots of your hair. Always start at the ends and work back up your hair until you get to your desired result.

Are you scared of hair oils, or do you love them?

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