Beauty Blog School – How to find time to blog

Beauty Blog School – How to find time to blog

Hair Romance - Beauty Blog School

Beauty Blog School is in session!

Struggling to find the time to blog?

Here are the habits I used to blog while I was working full-time, and still keep now that my blog is my job.

When I first started reading blogs, and I read a lot, I couldn’t wait for new posts from my favourite bloggers.

As a reader I underestimated how much time and energy goes into each post. There’s planning, research, writing, photography, editing, uploading each post, social media shares and responding to comments.

When I started my blog I had lots of ideas but needed to find the time to make it happen. When you’re already busy with work, family and friends it’s hard to come up with the extra time.

Here are the habits that help me find the time for blogging.

How to find time to blog

Hair Romance - Beauty Blog School - How to find time to blog

Create a schedule

Set out a blogging schedule that works for your lifestyle. You probably won’t be able to blog every day if you’re working full time but that’s ok. Set a schedule, say you’ll post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then plan out the type of posts for each day. Even if you can only blog once a week, set a day and time that you’ll publish each week so you’re consistent for your readers.

The more organised I am, the less overwhelmed I feel, so I’m able to get more done.


You always find time for the things you really want to do. Be honest with yourself, how do you want to spend your time? If you want to find time for your blog, you’ll need to prioritise it and schedule it. Make sure you also leave time in your schedule to have a life too. Blogger burnout is a real thing.

Batch your work

Now that you know your schedule and the type of posts you want to write, you can be more efficient by batching your work. Instead of switching from task to task, collate similar tasks together to save time.

I always shoot my hair tutorials on the same day. It takes time to set up my photography studio and get all made up, so I shoot several tutorials at a time.

Then I batch edit them too to save time. Look through your post schedule and work out how you can be more efficient. Set time for photography, writing, editing and social media scheduling so you work smarter and faster.

Create deadlines

I’m really motivated by a deadline. I usually leave things to the last minute but a deadline really pushes me forward and makes sure I finish the task.

I create my own mini deadlines each week so that I stay focused and get through my to do list. Make sure you enforce your deadlines and give yourself a reward on completion or else it won’t work.

Stay on task

I am the most easily distracted person around. When my job is to be on the internet, temptation is too close and I can really lose time. To stay on the task at hand I use some productivity timing techniques.

I set timers for my days when I’m working on particular tasks. I particularly like the Pomodoro technique, which is essentially setting a timer for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break. Another timing system I use in my day is the rule of 52 and 17 which helps me work more productively and not feel so tired at the end of the day.

Capture those extra minutes

At my first Problogger conference, I remember Darren Rowse introducing the very simple concept of 15 minutes a day. He said he woke up 15 minutes earlier each day to work on his book. Some days he would work for longer, but these 15 minute blocks helped him carve out time for this project.

It inspired me to realise you can do more with small pockets of time.

Look for all the lost minutes of your day spent waiting, or commuting to work. Put these to good use by brainstorming new ideas and drafting blog posts while you wait. Can you wake up 15 minutes earlier to work on that new blog series? Capture those small pockets of time and make them work for you.

How do you find time to blog? What’s your best productivity tip?

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