Beauty Blog School – 17 ideas for blog posts

Beauty Blog School – 17 ideas for blog posts

Beauty Blog School - 17 ideas for blog posts

Beauty Blog School is in session!

One of the biggest questions for new bloggers is what to blog about.

You may feel you need to pin yourself down to one topic at the start but it’s ok to experiment. You won’t know you’ve found your style until you start writing.

Here are 17 ideas for blog posts. Look for one that sparks your imagination and see where it takes you. It could be the start of your most popular blog series.

These ideas are crafted towards beauty bloggers but also work for lifestyle bloggers. You can also adapt them to your personal or fashion blog too.

17 things to blog about

  1. Share a tutorial – What do people always ask you about? It may seem simple to you but if everyone asks, then you owe it to them to write a how-to. Tutorial posts are the most shared on Hair Romance so don’t keep secrets about your favourite hairstyle or beauty look.
  2. Top 5 – Everyone loves a list. Share your top 5 lipsticks, or top 5 apps, or top 5 inspirational quotes.
  3. Organisation porn – Who doesn’t love a beautifully organised closet or beauty cabinet? Share your tips for making the most of your space. Or if it’s a mess, keep it real and own it. The internet needs more real life.
  4. The last thing you bought – Write a review of the last thing you bought. Compare it to another similar item in your stash.
  5. Your wishlist – What’s in your online shopping basket waiting to check-out?
  6. Dupes – Have you found a cheaper version of an expensive product? Share that knowledge around and compare the two.
  7. FOTD – This stands for Face of the Day, which is a popular beauty hashtag for makeup looks. Create a tutorial or talk about why you chose those products and where you’re going.
  8. NOTD – This stands for Nail of the Day, where you share what’s currently on your digits. Make it useful with a tutorial, or show how you’ve coordinated it with your total look.
  9. Your style inspiration – Talk about your style icons and how they have influenced your personal style.
  10. Interview your style icon – They may be famous but you never know. Why not send them your post about how they inspire you and ask them a few questions?
  11. Interview another blogger – Feature one of your favourite bloggers. Ask them about how they got started and their favourite posts.
  12. Show us your desk – How do you work best and why? What’s your day like?
  13. Your morning / evening routine – Share your favourite products and how you start your day. At night, what’s your favourite makeup remover? Do you have a nightly ritual?
  14. How often do you wash your hair – Show us your hair routine and tell us about your hair history.
  15. What’s in your makeup bag – Photograph your go-to products and tell us what order you use them.
  16. What’s in your bag – Empty out your handbag and show us what’s inside. This type of post always makes me curious and I can’t help but click through.
  17. The product you always repurchase – What product would you cry over if they discontinued it?

As a side note, I’ve noticed that beauty blogging often focuses on mass consumerism and can be expensive for new bloggers who are trying to break out. You don’t need to purchase every new product that comes out. Your readers certainly aren’t.

Inspire your readers to shop their stash, or create multiple looks using the same beauty products so that it is achievable for your readers (and sustainable for your bank balance).

Do any of these ideas stand out for you? What’s type of posts do you like to see on beauty blogs?

PS. Get your blog going the right way and come along to the next Little Blog Big workshop.

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