Be awesome to somebody

Be awesome to somebody

I want to start off this week with a beautiful story of giving back.

Mark Bustos is a New York City hairdresser who does something awesome on Sundays.

He uses his day off to give free haircuts to the homeless.

Mark Bustos - 1

Inspired by a trip to the Philippines, he wanted to give back to the community. While he was there he hired a barber shop for a day and gave free haircuts to children he saw living in poverty or on the streets.

Mark Bustos - Philippines

Back in NYC, he switches from styling at Three Squares Studio in Chelsea to walking the streets to find people in need. He can give up to 10 free haircuts every Sunday.

Mark has a huge following on Instagram and shares his story with the help of street photographer Devin Masga. Mark takes his hairdressing tools in a backpack and goes out to talk to people. He says I want to do something for you and offers them free haircuts. On Instagram he uses the hashtag #BeAwesomeToSomebody to share his message.

Mark Bustos - 6

Mark Bustos - 7

All of us can relate to the feeling of a fresh haircut. It makes you walk taller and feel better about yourself. A good hair day is a real feeling.

Creating that feeling all week in an upmarket salon, Mark takes that even further by giving haircuts and beard trims on the street. Mark says,

Receiving a haircut, no matter what the setting, can serve as a therapy session. We sometimes feel more comfortable speaking to our hairstylists, than any other people we interact with, even professional therapists. We sometimes tell our stylists things we don’t even tell our best friends. Maybe it’s the constant change in the physical position a stylist and client maintains, facing each other directly only for brief moments. Or maybe getting your hair done is a luxury we have grown to be comfortable receiving, for as far back as we can remember. It’s that patiently impatient feeling of grasping that sensation of self-confidence that lies just a few snips away.

Mark Bustos - 3

Mark Bustos - 5

Mark Bustos - 2

Check out this video to see more of Mark’s story.

Mark’s message is that we can all do something to help others in need. We all have a skill we can give to others for free. If you don’t think you have a skill, maybe you can spare some money, or food. Even a smile to acknowledge someone can go a long way.

Mark Bustos - 4

Mark Bustos - 9

Mark Bustos - 8

Follow Mark’s story on Instagram and I’d love you to think about how you can be awesome to somebody this week.

Simple acts of kindness can change the world.

Go out there and make this week beautiful.

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