AHFAs 2015 – What does it mean to you if your hairdresser wins an award?

AHFAs 2015 – What does it mean to you if your hairdresser wins an award?

AHFA Australian Hair Fashion  Awards 2015

Hairdressers really do throw the best parties. I wouldn’t miss the Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFAs), one of the highlights of the hairdressing awards scene. It’s a once a year event celebrating hairdressers, makeup artists and stylists.

The AHFAs keep going from strength to strength with the event almost doubling in size from the 2014 AHFAs. This year we were at the Big Top at Luna Park and were treated to two amazing performances by Samantha Jade.

AHFA Australian Hair Fashion  Awards 2015

Phil Barwick also created some amazing and intricately woven braids for the Redken hair show in a collaboration with Raffles featuring some incredible new fashion.

AHFA Australian Hair Fashion  Awards 2015

AHFA Australian Hair Fashion  Awards 2015

There’s always a lot of pressure when deciding how to style your hair when you know you’ll be in a room with over 600 hairdressers. I had to go with crazy curls for my hair. I almost went for a braid but decided that big hair was the way to go.

Seeing my beautiful friend Viola of Project Sweet Stuff and sitting with some fabulous bloggers and media friends made for a fantastic night. It’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with lots of hair industry friends too. I missed my main course as I was too busy chatting with friends across the room. I’m so inspired by the passion and talent of the Australian hair industry.

AHFA 2015 - Viola Marie Doyle and Christina Butcher

But the night was really about the awards. You can find a full list of the AHFA winners here, and grab next month’s Journal magazine to see all the collections that the stylists submitted as part of the awards. The images are incredible and although Australia is a long way from the rest of the world, our hairdressers are up there in a class of their own.

Each award has its own requirements, but usually each hairdresser must design a unique hair collection which they bring to life in a photoshoot. These photographs are the basis of their awards submission alongside a written essay about their work.

The photoshoot is self-funded (or perhaps in collaboration with a product sponsor) and planning can start at least three months in advance. It is a huge undertaking to bring their vision to life. It’s not something you normally get to see as a salon client. The amount of passion and creativity that goes into the awards submission in huge.

But I’m curious about whether your hairdresser winning an award is an important factor to you? Do you know if your hairdresser enters competitions?

My hairdressers do and they were nominated for awards this year. To me, it shows an interest in education and hair trends. It’s also a way for them to really stretch their creative muscle and push themselves and their work.

I’m not sure if it’s a deciding factor as to me, their unique personal style is more important. You also need to get on with your stylist so personality is a factor when you spend so much time in their chair.

When I’ve moved or I’m in a new city, I do look at awards as a way to determine the quality of a new salon.

Do you know or care if your hairdresser enters awards? Have you ever asked them about the process? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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