3 simple ways to avoid frizz

3 simple ways to avoid frizz

Hair Romance - how to avoid frizz

Frizzy hair is definitely one of my hair nightmares. Here are three simple ways to avoid frizz to help your hair stay smooth.

I know frizz is an issue for you too because I get so many emails about frizz every day. When you subscribe to newsletter, I ask what your biggest hair issue is. Lena replied saying:

My biggest problem is frizziness with my hair.  When I do fun things with my hair it still looks horrible due to this. I use Keratin Hair stuff and it’s still a mess!

Yes even after having a keratin smoothing treatment, frizz can be a big hair issue.

Just like acne, frizz has many causes but here’s the one cause of frizz that affects us all:

Friction = Frizz

The more friction your hair experiences, the frizzier it becomes. So to avoid frizz, you need to reduce friction. Here are three simple ways to minimise friction and stop the frizz occurring.

3 simple ways to avoid frizz

1. Stop touching your hair

Seriously, I mean it! This is coming from a chronic hair twister, I do it whenever I’m thinking. Or bored. Or watching TV. You get the picture. But if I can stop it, I know you can too.

Remember that every time you touch your hair you transfer dirt and oil to your hair. Leave your hair alone.

2. Switch your pillowcase

Swap your rough cotton pillowcase for a smooth silk slip. My mum has used this trick for years. Even your 1000 thread count organic cotton is too rough. The silk fibres are much smoother than cotton and won’t rough up your hair as you sleep.

Here’s a trick if you don’t have a silk pillowcase – tie a silk scarf around your pillow. This works perfectly when you’re travelling too. You can get silk scarves cheaply from vintage stores too if you want to save.

3. Ditch your towel

Your towel is fine for your body but not your hair. Every time you rub your hair with your towel, you’re saying, “I don’t care and bring on the frizz!”

Instead, use a soft t-shirt. Old t-shirts are great for this as they’re perfectly worn in and super soft. Never rub your hair with a towel, or t-shirt. Think of gently squeezing the water out of your hair.

Be careful with your hair and always remember friction = frizz.

What’s your tip for avoiding frizz?

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