Why you don’t have your dream hair

Why you don’t have your dream hair

If you’re struggling to achieve your dream hair, you could be making some really simple hair mistakes. Here’s how to correct these hair mistakes and make the most of your lovely locks.

Every day we’re shown images from magazines or Instagram of long, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Well, what we think is healthy-looking hair. Most models would tell you that they have to work hard to keep their hair healthy with all the styling it goes through. Even models don’t feel like they #wokeuplikethis.

Every week I get lots of emails from women who see this Insta-hair and wonder why theirs is not the same. Check through this list to see if you’re making any of these seven mistakes and whether they are affecting your hair.

Why you don’t have your dream hair

Hair Romance - Why you don't have your dream hair

1. You over colour your hair

I‘m the first one to put my hand up for this mistake, but hey, I love changing my hair colour. My hair is ok now, though in the past, I have taken it too far.

Over-colouring your hair causes it to be dry and brittle, and to break easily.

If you want to grow long hair, you might have to make a choice between long hair and blonde hair. Going darker doesn’t pose as much of a risk for causing damage, but it can still affect your hair.

A tip, if you must lighten your hair, is to make sure your stylist is using a product like Olaplex LINK. Olaplex is a bond restructurer. There are several similar products coming on to the market and these are a must if you’re colouring your hair with bleach. This is the only reason I’m back to blonde again.

2. You over style your hair

Heat styling tools take a huge toll on your hair. Consider that most heat styling tools heat up to over 200 degrees, which is twice the boiling point of water. Imagine pouring that on your hair several times a week, you’ll understand why you’re seeing signs of damage.

Not only is the heat drying your hair, but it’s also stressing your hair and slowing down your hair growth.

It’s an easy fix though; just allow your hair more time to rest between heat styling. Make sure you’re using a good quality styling iron so that you only have to do one pass down your hair. Restyling the same section over and over again causes unnecessary damage.

Heat protectants can help guard your hair from some heat damage, but they can only do so much. It’s more important to reduce heat styling if you want to grow long, healthy hair.

3. You’ve got the wrong haircut

Your hairstyle should suit your lifestyle. Finding the right haircut will not only save you time but it could save your hair too.

The wrong haircut will need extra styling every day, which will show up as split ends and dry hair.

If you have curly hair, check out my post on how to get the best curly haircut. If you have straight hair, talk to your hairdresser and be honest about what hairstyle suits your lifestyle. Your hair should be working for you, not you working for your hair.

4. You wear tight hairstyles

Wearing your hair up in the same tight hair hairstyle every day is bad for your hair. It can actually cause hair loss known as traction alopecia.

This problem has a quick fix – just mix up your daily hairstyles. Don’t wear your hair in the same style every day and choose styles that are a little looser. If you need some inspiration, check out my ebooks. LINK

Remember, if your ponytail is hurting you by the end of the day, it’s too tight.

5. You wear too many hair extensions

Initially hair extensions can seem like the quick fix to get your dream hair. Instant long hair, no problems. And in some respects, it’s true.

However, you need to make sure you’re maintaining your hair extensions properly and that they’re not creating more problems for your hair.

If you have fine hair and are wear long, heavy extensions, they can create issues at the roots of your hair. The extensions pull at your hair and cause the same problem as tight hairstyles with hair loss called traction alopecia.

Clip-in extensions are an easier alternative for when you want long hair without having the stress in your hair every day. Think long term and focus instead on getting the right haircut for your hair to make it much easier to style.

6. You’re over-washing your hair

You may think you have an oily scalp, but you could be just washing your hair too much.

The cleaning agents in shampoo are there to remove dirt and oils, but can also have the effect of drying out your scalp. This in turn causes your scalp to produce more oil, leading you to think you have an oily scalp. It becomes a vicious cycle as you wash your hair every day, which dries out your scalp so you produce more oil, and on it goes.

There is an adjustment period, but you can break this daily washing cycle. Focus on all the time you’ll save not having to wash your hair every day. It’s worth the initial pain to get past it and out of that daily wash cycle.

7. You’re teasing your hair too often

I use teasing or back-combing in some of my hairstyles to add extra volume, but it shouldn’t be a daily styling practice.

Roughly back-combing your hair causes physical damage to the cuticle, which can cause long term damage to your hair shaft. If you have fine hair and are teasing your hair every day, you will be causing unnecessary breakage.

My tip is to save the back-combing for special occasions only. If you need the volume more frequently, look at styling products like dry shampoos or hair powders. These will provide the traction you need to boost your volume without the harm from back-combing.

Hair Romance - Why you don't have your dream curly hair

It turns out doing less to your hair is actually going to get you closer to having the hair of your dreams. I always say that once you love your hair, it will love you back and that’s the real secret to a true Hair Romance.

So tell me, do you make any of these hair mistakes? And what’s your best tip to getting your dream hair?

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