Summer hair guide – how to protect your hair in the pool

Summer hair guide – how to protect your hair in the pool

Hair Romance - Summer hair guide - Pool hair care tips and tricks

Continuing my summer hair guide, I have a new video for you with my quick and easy tips for protecting your hair in the pool.

It’s no longer summer here in Sydney, but I filmed this while I was in Thailand last week. It was amazing and you can read all about my trip over on Mr & Mrs Romance. More posts will be going up as we write them as we have so many cool things to share.

But back to hair, I was much more careful following my summer hair disaster. I followed these simple tips to protect my hair in the pool. I also filmed a video to talk you through the whole process.

Summer hair guide – How to protect your hair in the pool

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch it on Youtube

So in case you couldn’t watch the video, here’s my quick summer hair guide to protecting your hair while you’re in the pool.

1. Rinse your hair before you get in the pool

You want to prevent your hair from absorbing the pool water so rinse your hair in fresh water before you jump in.

2. Apply conditioner or a leave-in treatment (not a protein treatment!)

Treat and protect your hair by applying a little conditioner or a treatment to the ends of your hair before you swim. Choose a hydrating or moisturising treatment. Avoid protein treatments as they should only be in your hair for 10 minutes, and you’ll want to be in the pool longer than that!

3. Put your hair up with a hair bungee

A regular elastic a can get tangled in wet hair so a hair bungee is less damaging. Wet hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. Hair bungees are like a long elastic with a hook at each end. They are wrapped around your hair and reduce the risk of pulls, tangles and breakage.

4. Rinse your hair in fresh water when you get out of the pool

Give your hair a quick rinse once you get out of the pool. You want to remove any pool water and chlorine from your hair before it dries into your hair.

5. Do a conditioning treatment after swimming

You’re already in the shower so do a quick treatment or just condition your hair. Your hair needs extra treats to prevent it from drying out from the pool.

Swimming laps or in a training squad?

If you’re doing laps or swim squad, I recommend wearing a cap. You can still follow the same steps and do a conditioning treatment under your cap while you swim – beauty double duty!

Has your hair turned green after swimming?

If your hair goes green after swimming in the pool, you have to check out my unorthodox fix video involving tomato ketchup. It’s weird but it works!

Do you change your hair care in summer? What’s your tips to look after your hair in the pool?

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