Q&A Video! My advice to those hating on their curly hair, product tips, frizz and my fave meal of the day

Q&A Video! My advice to those hating on their curly hair, product tips, frizz and my fave meal of the day

Hair Romance Q and A

I’m back with a new video and this week it’s a Q&A!

I put a callout on Instagram and Snapchat (I’m hair.romance!) and said you could ask me anything. Thank you so much to everyone that responded, it was fab!

There were so many GREAT questions that I’m filming three Q&A videos to cover them all. If I tried to put them in one video it would go for too long and no-one’s got time to watch that.

I’ve answered some fun and general questions in this first video and I’ll do another video for more curly hair questions and for hair products.

Q & A Video

Click here to watch it on Youtube if you can’t see it above.

In this video I’m answering the following questions:

Jennifer on Snapchat asked:
When did you first start paying attention to your curly hair?
And what are your pet peeves?

@Taylerjoy101 on Instagram asked:
How do you tame frizzy curly hair?
And do the Kardashians products work?

@weeadeline on Instagram asked:
Any good body lotions you’d recommend?

@Orisonsoftheyear on Instagram asked:
What are best practices to prevent your scalp from showing when braiding curly hair?

@Ishipishy on Instagram asked:
Although my ends are frequently trimmed they’re quite dry from bleaching and get so knotty, even after brushing and straightening my hair. How can I get them softer and smooth?

@yoyoflash66 on Instagram asked:
What can you say to those hating their curly hair?

Amy Rose on Snapchat asked:
What is your favourite meal of the day
What’s your go-to food, one you could always eat?
What’s your fave time of the day

As mentioned in the video, check out this post on why your hair changed from straight to curly.

For damaged ends, try the Klorane Desert Date leave in cream.

My curly hair routine videos & at-home version.

Let me know if you like this style of video and what videos you’d like to see on my channel. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments below!

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