New Year’s Hair Resolutions

New Year’s Hair Resolutions

New year, new hair?

Hair Romance New Year's Hair Resolutions

The start of a new year is always a time of change. New hopes, new resolutions.

Time for action.

And maybe a new haircut?

Here at Hair Romance, I’m so ready to be back after an extended break. I needed to recharge and get my focus back. I feel so much better for the time off. You know, I had grand plans to work really hard and get ahead but instead I spent time with my family and friends. It was awesome.

But now I’m back and I have missed you!

This year I’ll keep posting new tutorials every Tuesday and be answering your questions in a weekly post too. Throw in some hair inspo and more beauty tips and we have so much to talk about! I can’t wait to share what else is brewing behind the scenes.

I’m also making some New Year’s hair resolutions. I like to reflect and set intentions at this time of year. Mainly personal, but also about my hair.

So in no particular order,

Here are my New Year’s hair resolutions:

Hair Romance New Year's Hair Resolutions - Try something new - like pastel hair

Try something new

I’ve recently gone back to blonde and my hair is much lighter than before. Now that my hair is so blonde, I’m thinking of trying a new pastel colour, what do you think? I know my hairdresser is keen to try some new tones in my hair.

Hair Romance New Year's Hair Resolutions - Be kind to your hair

Be kind to my hair

I put my hair through a lot. Seriously, I’m surprised I still have as much hair as I do with all the styling it goes through. I resolve to be kinder to my hair with treatments and some time out from all the heat styling.

Hair Romance New Year's Hair Resolutions - how long can you go

How long can you go?

I’d love to see how much I can grow my hair this year. Being kind to my hair is one part, but I’ve also been testing some hair growth products to see what really works. (PS. Don’t believe those crazy claims of growing inches in a month when you take this supplement/use their cream blah blah… it’s all lies. Some products works but the real results take 2-4 months to notice.)

Hair Romance New Year's Hair Resolutions - Wear more hats

Wear more hats

This summer I embraced the baseball cap like never before and I’m looking forward to playing around with different styles of hats. This resolution may be a bit of a cheat as I’ve done this before. But hey, I liked it so I’m doing it again.

There are so many other hair resolutions you could make – learn to braid, try a new hairstyle a week, cut your hair short, embrace your curls…the list goes on.

So tell me, do you like making New Year’s resolutions? And what’s your New Year’s hair resolution? Tell me in the comments or on Instagram with the hashtag #hairromance!

Pink hair image by Wella

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