New Hair Romance Classes – Daddy Daughter Hair Class Kids’ Hair 101

New Hair Romance Classes – Daddy Daughter Hair Class   Kids’ Hair 101

Hair Romance braids

The first hair classes of 2016 are here!

I’ve teamed up with Little Lane Workshops to host some special school holiday classes for dads and daughters.

Lately I’ve received some beautiful emails from women who use my tutorials to create special time with their daughters. It’s those precious few minutes together in the morning before school, time at night brushing their hair and time creating special hairstyles on the weekends. They cherish these moments and really connect with their daughters.

My new classes were inspired by stories from friends who are new dads. They’re struggling to cope with basic ponytails and have no idea how to even start with braiding.

So dads, this class is for you!

Take some time out to bond with your daughter. Conquer the school morning hair routine and up your hair game.

Hair Romance Daddy Daughter Hair Class

Hair Romance hair class 1

The class is on Saturday 2nd April at 2.30pm at Little Lane Workshops.

Classes are also open to big brothers, uncles and grandads.

There’s no prior hair knowledge required. We start with brushing techniques (to avoid those painful tangles) and work up through ponytails, pigtails and braids.

Plus you’ll receive a special start up styling kit, extra hair goodies, and a copy of my hairstyle book to keep practising at home.

Book your spot here!

Kids Hairstyling 101

Hair Romance 2nd workshop

There’s also a second class in the school holidays on Thursday 14th April at 10.30am at Little Lane Workshops.

Again, this class assumes no prior hair knowledge and caters to all levels.

Plus you receive the bonus start up styling kit, extra hair goodies and a copy of my book to take home for further practice.

This class is for mums, dads, big sisters and brothers, aunts, uncles and grandparents!

Book your spot here!

Let me know in the comments below where Hair Romance’s next Braid Bar should be!

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