My Number One Beauty Tip for Brides

My Number One Beauty Tip for Brides

Hair Romance - My number one beauty tip for brides

Planning your wedding can seem overwhelming, but there’s one simple beauty tip I tell every bride I meet.

It’s not about your hair, though that is important. It’s about your wedding day perfume.

My Number One Beauty Tip for Brides

Hair Romance - The number one beauty tip for brides

My number one beauty tip for brides is to choose a perfume just for your wedding day.

Scent is so closely linked to memory. A fragrance can so immediately evoke a memory from the past and almost seem to recreate that scene in one scent. You can help to recreate these special moments again in your future by picking one fragrance for your wedding day.

Wearing that one fragrance just for your wedding day, and over the course of your honeymoon, will forever link that smell with that beautiful memory.

Then every year on your anniversary, when you wear that same perfume again, it will instantly take you and your partner back to that special day.

A word of warning

Try not to keep wearing that perfume every day, even if you love it, because there will be too many memories combined with that scent.

By keeping it just for your special day, and for your anniversaries, you maintain the same memory connection with that scent. It’s a beautiful tradition that will transport you back to favourite memories in an instant.

Tips for choosing your wedding fragrance

Hair Romance - My number 1 beauty tip for brides

There’s a ridiculous number of perfumes now so how do you go about finding the perfect one for you?

Tip #1: Don’t rush it

Perfumes can change every time. So if you can, put some time aside to test lots of fragrances for few hours each. Smelling a perfume on a piece of card is not the same as wearing it on your skin, so take time to test them properly before making a final decision.

Tip #2: Choose a fragrance family

Perfumes are categorised into different types of fragrance families, such as woody, oriental, floral, or fresh. Look at the perfumes you currently wear and see which range they fall into. Then compare them to similar fragrances to find something that’s just right for you.

Tip #3: Give your nose a rest

It can be overwhelming testing too many perfumes at once. Smelling something strong like coffee beans can help you and your nose refresh and be able to smell the next fragrance properly.

Bonus fragrance tip

A bonus tip for brides is not to buy a large bottle of this perfume. You won’t be wearing it that frequently and perfumes can go off. There’s no point of buying a large bottle that will expire before your next anniversary. Save the money and see if you can buy a smaller travel size instead.

And speaking of travel, this same fragrance tip works for anyone who wants to evoke a certain memory at any time. You can use this same beauty tip for your next special holiday. Wearing the same fragrance every day for your holiday just cements those memories deep in your brain. Whenever you smell that perfume, you’ll be transported back to your perfect holiday every time.

Hair Romance - My number 1 beauty tip for brides

I’d love you to share this post with any brides you know who are planning their wedding day and tell me in the comments – did you wear a special perfume on your wedding day? And what’s your #1 beauty tip for brides?

PS. Here’s a peek and my wedding and that time we renewed our vows with Elvis!

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