How to wash and style curly hair

How to wash and style curly hair

Hair Romance - How to wash and style curly hair video tutorial

I finally made a tutorial on how to style curly hair and it’s a video as well!

This has been one of my most requested tutorials and it’s finally here. I wash my hair maybe once or twice a week, depending on what I’m shooting for the blog or where I’m going. It all depends on the hairstyles I want to wear. I have been known to sometimes push it longer than a week and that’s where braids come in.

For this curly hair tutorial I have also used a diffuser to speed up the process because my hair can take a really long time to dry naturally.

If I’ve got a day where I’m just working on my laptop, I wash my hair in the morning and leave it to dry all day. It will often take most of the day to dry which isn’t that convenient. I do get a better result with less frizz when I just let my hair air dry but I do like using a diffuser because it gives me a little bit more volume at the roots. As always if you’re trying to grow your hair the less heat the better, so only blow dry your hair when you really have to.

I’m sorry I am not going to bring you into the shower with me but I have replicated what I can in front of the camera for you so you can see how I wash and style my curly hair. Check out the video below.

How to wash and style curly hair

Part 1 – In the shower

So, obviously this isn’t in the video but I do use a light shampoo on my hair. Often a sulfate-free shampoo though sometimes a sulfate shampoo because I’m testing so many products for the blog.

If you have naturally curly hair, a sulfate-free shampoo or just a conditioner wash will be all that you need. I use a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair in the shower and I usually always do a hair treatment. I rinse that out and while I’m still in the shower while the water is running, I part my hair. I create a side part, though not too straight. A little zig-zag part is more flattering in curly hair.

I then give my hair a final rinse and make sure it’s completely saturated. Oh, I forgot to add before I hop in the shower I make sure that my curly hair styling products are right next to the shower so I can put them in while I’m still in the shower.

After the shower but with really wet hair

So as I turn the shower off, I immediately grab my curl cream, mix it between my palms and apply it through my hair. I apply curl cream right through my hair and running my fingers through to help the curls form and clump together.

I then give my hair a light scrunch just to release some of the water and help the curl cream really mix into my hair. My hair is dripping wet at this point. I tip my hair to the side so that I can let the curls hang freely and give them a good scrunch right up to the root and squeeze out some excess water. At this point, I’ll also use an old t-shirt just to give a really light scrunch and squeeze to my curls to remove the excess water. My curls still quite wet at this point.

Next, I grab my gel. I mix the gel between my palms and using open hands, smooth the gel over my hair. I’m not running my fingers through my hair so much as smoothing the gel over the curls. I then apply more gel to the ends of my hair and scrunch up. I grab my t-shirt again and use this to scrunch the curls up to my head. Give them a little twisting scrunch so that you’re removing as much water as possible.

Extra styling tip

To add volume, I’m going to use some flat pin clips at the roots of my hair. These help to hold up my hair at the roots so it doesn’t dry flat. It’s at this point where I would normally leave my hair to air dry but let’s speed it up with a diffuser.

Blowdrying your curls

Then I take my blow dryer always with the diffuser attached. I set my dryer to high heat but low speed. You want to really get the heat into your hair but you don’t want to be blowing it around as this will just cause more frizz. I let my hair fall into the diffuser and bring the diffuser right up into my hair and work very slowly, one section at a time.

I blow dry my hair to about 80% dry so that I don’t create that extra frizz at the end.

Scrunch out the crunch

The final step is to scrunch out the gel and you have to wait until you’re hair is 100% dry for this step. If you try and do it before you will just create more frizz. Your hair may feel a little bit crispy from the gel and there are two ways to break that crispy cast and release the defined curls underneath. The first way is to use an old t-shirt and do the same scrunching motion. This breaks the physical cast of the gel around your hair and leaves you with you soft curls.

Alternatively, pick up your diffuser again and just using it on a medium heat, warm your hair slightly and then scrunch again. You’ll break the gel cast with mix of heat and scrunching.

Tame flyaways

If my hair has a few flyaways, I use a drop or two of oil to smooth over and define the ends. I also like to give my hair a bit of a shake just to get a bit more volume at the roots.

There’s a trick to it – put your finger tips right through the roots of your hair and then give a little lift like a tiny shake and then bring your hands straight back out the way it came in. You don’t want to run your fingers through your curls you just want to put them into your hair lift at the roots and then bring your hand straight back out.

If you notice any curls are sitting a little funny you can dampen them down with water and then re-twist them to get a better shaped curl.

Hair Romance - How to style curly hair video tutorial

Products I used


Yarok Curl Cream from Nourished Life or Follain.

Taft Hair Gel

Darshana Hair Oil

Now that looks like a lot of steps that’s written down but the whole process doesn’t take me too long and does leave me with great curls for days. I would love to what curly hair products you love and what’s your curly hair routine?

PS. Have you got my new curly hair ebook?

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