How to use the products you’ve got, BETTER

How to use the products you’ve got, BETTER

We’ve all got a bathroom cabinet full of beauty products we’ve tried once and didn’t think they worked for us. But are we using them the right way, and could we use them better?

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Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

Now, I want you to go to your beauty cabinet and pull out all those products that are stuck at the back. Maybe it’s a drawer or a box, but we’ve all got those products that we’ve tried once and then left behind.

I hate seeing a good product go to waste and I want to see you make the most of your beauty cabinet. So what if I told you that you could use them better? Let’s find a way to make them work for you.

I’ve had so much fun this year working with Schwarzkopf, and the thing I love is that they’re not always trying to push new products. They have some amazing current products, some of which are my favourites, and we’ve teamed up again to help you use the hair products you’ve already got but maybe forgotten about. Maybe you’ll find a new one you want to try but first, use what you’ve got so that products don’t go to waste.

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

1. Mousse

We’ve all tried mousse and it seems to go in and out of fashion. Maybe you stopped using it because it made your hair feel crispy, but here’s the trick – instead of applying the foam straight to your hair, rub it between your palms first. This emulsifies the product, it sort of breaks the product down so that it’s easily absorbed into your hair. Mousse is one of my favourite products for adding volume, lift and defining curls. I love it for fine hair and for curly hair. Try this trick and see if it works better for you.

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

2. Hairspray

Hairspray is another product that seems to go in and out of fashion a lot. It was one product that our mothers couldn’t live without, but we seem to overlook hairspray. I actually quite like hairspray and here are two of my favourite ways to use it.

Hairspray to tame frizz – Use the hold of hairspray to tame and hold your frizz. Instead of spraying it directly on your hair (which can leave too much product in one spot) spray it on the palms of your hands. Then smooth your hands over your hair to catch those little fine flyaways.

An extra trick is to use a make-up brush or even a toothbrush to catch those tiny baby hairs. This makes hairspray an absolute must in my beauty cabinet.

Hairspray to help your curls – There’s nothing more frustrating than curling your hair to have it drop out within minutes. I like to use a flexible hair spray like the Taft Flexible Hairspray and give a light spray to every section of hair before I curl it. The trick is to spray before you curl, not just after. Too much product on your curls after can actually weigh them down. A light spray on your straight hair before you curl it will add in more definition and hold to your curls.

3. Dry Shampoo

If you’ve been reading Hair Romance for a while, you might know that I’m a little obsessed with dry shampoo. And even if you’ve heard this before, maybe you need to hear it again. Dry shampoo is fantastic in clean hair.

Dry shampoo does an excellent job of taking away the shine of oily roots and disguising dirty hair, but did you know you can use it in clean hair to add volume and hold? That’s why it’s such a favourite and multi-use product of mine. If your hair is too soft for an updo or braid, spray a little dry shampoo along the mid lengths of your hair. Give it about 30 seconds to settle and then try the style again. It gives you the perfect amount of grip to your hair so that it will hold any hair style.

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

4. Hair Gel

Hair gel holds so much nostalgia for me. I remember using it for dance performances and my mum would coat my hair in a high bun without a hair out of place. I think that put me off gel for such a long time until I discovered how great it is for curly hair. I apply the Taft Mega Styling Gel to my hair when it’s still wet but after applying my curl cream. The gel coats my hair and allows my curls to dry without frizz. There’s still a little bit of crispiness when my hair is dry, but a simple scrunch removes the crunch and you’re good to go. You can check out my full curly hair tutorial here.

5. Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a fantastic third step in your regular hair routine but leave-in conditioner has some fantastic other uses too. It’s an incredible detangler and I also keep it in my beach bag to give my hair a treat after a swim. If you’ve got a really stubborn knot, spray a little leave-in conditioner into the knot and rub it gently with your fingers. You should be able to work that knot out without any breakage or damage to your hair.

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

6. Texture Sprays

Texture sprays are the product I wish I’d had when I was younger. The newer formulations are just amazing and can actually be real time savers. I love the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Texture Spray and here are the two ways I like to use it.

  • In wet hair – if I’m going to let my hair air dry or just roughly dry it with a hair dryer, a little bit of texture spray cuts down my drying time and adds in so much more body.
  • On dry hair – after curling or styling my hair, if I noticed any spots that area little bit flat, this spray instantly evens them out. It’s the perfect quick fix on day two and three hair as well.

7. Hair Oils

My hair is naturally dry and always drinks up hair oils, but maybe you found one that is a little too heavy for you. I’ve got a trick that will make that product one of your favourites. Instead of using heavy hair oil as a final styling hair product, use it before you wash your hair. Give yourself a head massage with the hair oil and work it through your hair before you hop in the shower. This pre-treatment is a great way to look after fine hair, and the head massage also helps to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and encourage new hair growth. It’s a win-win. I also love this trick if you have coloured hair, as I find the hair oil adds a little bit of protection when you shampoo your hair.

Personally I don’t find Schwarzkopf oils too heavy and they work for me as a pre-wash treatment or a post-wash styling tool. If you’re looking for one specifically for this pre treatment, I’d recommend the Schwarzkopf 6 Miracles Oil Essence.

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

Bonus tip: Hair volume powder

One of my all-time fave hair products is volume powder. It’s amazing at adding instant root lift and mega volume, even in the finest hair.

My secret way to use hair powder is when I’m braiding. It’s the only way to get those Pinterest-worthy thick braids. If you have fine hair or hair that slips easily out from braids, sprinkle a little powder down the centre of your braid. Pat it into your hair and then start to stretch out the sides of your braid. The results have to be seen to be believed!

Hair Romance - How to use the hair products you've got - better

I hope I’ve been able to give new life to the old hair products that were already in your beauty cabinet. I hate to see products go to waste so if there’s a category I didn’t cover that you have a question about, let me know in the comments below.

Now if you want to check if you’ve got the right products you need for your hair, you have to check out this fab tool. The Hair Horoscopes are your guide to achieving your hair goals. It really helps to demistify the beauty aisle so you can make the most of your hair.

And achieving your hair goals means more hair happiness!

What’s your hair horoscope? And what products do you have lurking in your beauty cabinet?

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