How to keep your hair colour on-point when you can’t make it to the salon

How to keep your hair colour on-point when you can’t make it to the salon

Here are my hair tricks for your perfect colour match and keeping your hair colour on-point when your next appointment feels like a world away.

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Hair Romance - Keep your colour on-point

Being blonde can be a lot of work. There’s so much extra maintenance with colouring your hair, and I really need to be organised and book salon appointments ahead of time.

Whether you colour your hair lighter or darker, everyone experiences that Hairday of dread.

Your hair colour looks amazing for ages, but then it all changes, seemingly overnight. Your hair grows freakishly fast and all you can see is regrowth. Your colour is brassy and of course you have some big important thing to do that exact day.

Tell me I’m not alone in this experience.

I seem to be able to go for weeks without noticing my hair colour and then all of a sudden, I look in the mirror and it’s gone overnight from being on-point to oh my god.

And If I haven’t booked ahead of time, I end up having to wait longer for a hair appointment and struggle to deal with my hair for that last week.

After falling victim to this freakish overnight hair growth, I started implementing some new hair systems, to keep my hair colour looking fabulous for the whole time between salon appointments.

How to keep your hair colour on-point

Hair Romance - Keep your colour on-point

1. Protect your hair colour at home

Once you start to colour hair, you need to change up your regular haircare routine. Switching to a colour-protect shampoo and conditioner makes a difference to your hair colour. And I really recommend using a hair mask too.

Some hair colours can dry your hair, so a moisture mask that protects your colour is exactly what you need. I’m loving the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Colour Protect & Shine range, especially the 1 minute Intensive Treatment.

2. Drop the temperature

Did you know that styling your hair at a very high heat can fade your colour? It’s true. Switch your blow dryer down to a medium heat and minimise heat styling to keep your colour looking fresher for longer.

3. Wear a hat

If a blowdryer is going to fade your hair colour, just think what the sun will do. Now that summer is almost here, you’ll need to take extra care of your hair. When you’re outside, protect your hair the same way you would your skin. You’re investing a lot at the salon, so why would you let it go to ruin?

If you’re worried about hat hair, there’s a simple fix for that too: just part your hair the other side to what you normally do. Then, if you need to take your hat off, just flip your hair to your normal part and any marks from the hat should disappear. You’ll also get a whole load of extra volume from this trick too!

Hair Romance - Keep your colour on-point

4. Refresh your colour

Now, I’ve been raving about these new Schwarzkopf Colour Refresh mousses since I first tried them I think pretty much everybody should be using them. Even if you don’t colour your hair, these products add such a great shine and freshen up natural hair as well.

It only takes three minutes to do and I just can’t live without them now. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette or redhead, grab the colour to match your hair and give it a try, you will not be disappointed; and if you are, please tell me because I can’t believe that anyone would be.

5. Hide your regrowth

You can use a permanent colour at home just to touch up your regrowth. Though for the quickest fix, just change your part. A straight part will always draw attention to your regrowth, so I like to do a zigzag part or a slightly diagonal part from the side back to the middle to disguise any obvious colour changes. I add in a little bit of body with volume powder at the roots, because the flatter your hair, the longer your regrowth looks as well.

Hair Romance - Keep your colour on-point

I used to think that going to the salon I wouldn’t have to do anything else to my hair. I go about every five to six weeks to get my colour touched up and I thought that’s all it would take, but these few simple at-home tricks have kept my colour looking like I’ve just been at the salon almost right up to the point I need to go back again.

If you’re thinking of a colour change, or wondering how to maintain your colour, then you have to check out the Schwarzkopf Colour Match Tool. This is the best and easiest way to work out your best colour tone and how to keep your hair colour on-point.

Do you colour your hair? What’s your Colour Match? And have you experienced this Hairday of dread too?

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