How to hide your regrowth

How to hide your regrowth

Hair Romance - How to hide regrowth - hairstyling tips

One question I’m often asked is how to hide your regrowth. I love to colour my hair and I have many tricks for covering my pesky regrowth that proves I’m not a real blonde.

These tips also work for hiding grey hair, or any colour difference whether you are going from dark to light, or light to dark.

There’s a funny cycle I’ve noticed with your hair regrowth. It seems to be going fine for weeks and then all of a sudden there’s just this 1 day where I’m like, “how did I not notice how much regrowth I have?! And can I get an appointment with the hairdresser this afternoon?!”.

It just seems to change in 1 day.

It goes from being completely bearable, to being hideously ugly and I need to cover all my hair completely. And then of course I can’t get an appointment for another week, so I have another whole week of living with that regrowth.

First world problems, I know, but hey, I’m a hair blogger. Covering regrowth is important to me.

So whether you’re trying to save money by spacing out your hair appointments, or you just can’t get in to see your colourist, here are some tips for hiding your regrowth.

How to hide your regrowth

1. Zig-zag your part

Hair Romance - Hair tips - Change your part

Wearing a straight part in your hair is an exact timeline to show how long it’s been since you coloured your hair. It makes that regrowth line so obvious.

Get rid of the straight lines and make your part crooked.

Do a little zig-zag line, take it diagonally back, and change the direction so that people can’t see the exact growth line. This is the simplest way to make your regrowth less conspicuous.

2. Wear your hair out

Pulling your hair all back in a tight updo really highlights the regrowth all around your hairline. Instead, leave a few pieces of hair loose around the front of your face to soften the style.

Or better yet, wear your hair out so the focus is on the ends of your hair not on the roots.

You can still do some cute half-up hair styles if you like having it your hair off your face. But leaving the ends of your hair out just switches the focus from your regrowth to the real colour you want your hair to be.

3. Curl your hair

Straight hair will show the line of regrowth so much more than curly hair. By adding in some volume at the roots, and curling your hair, it instantly disguises your regrowth.

So put down the straightener and embrace your natural texture. I recommend using volume powder to add a little bit of root lift to help hide the regrowth line.

4. Root touchup powders

Hair Romance - How to hide regrowth - Oribe Airbrush and Joico Tint Shot and Color Wow

If you can’t stand your roots, you can colour them in with root touchup powders and sprays. There are some newer formulations that can instantly hide your regrowth, and I put them to the test in my hair and on paper.

Joico Tint Shots have a more volumising effect with a slightly powdery finish. The brown has a more ashy finish that lightens as it dries. The blonde seems a little warm at first but it also lightened as it dried in my hair. The Tint Shots also add some texture to your hair to give you that root lift while covering up the colour. Hold the can about 15cm to 20cm away from your hair and spray in short, sharp bursts to put the colour exactly where you need it. You can find Joico in salons.

Hair Romance - How to hide regrowth - Oribe Airbrush and Joico Tint Shot

Oribe Airbrush Root Touchup spray has a much softer finish and a beautiful colour range. It doesn’t add that volume into the root, but the powder leaves a soft colour coating on your hair and helps disguise regrowth instantly. I love the concentrated colour and coverage in such a little bottle with a really natural finish. You can find it in salons or online here and here.

Color Wow root touchup powder seems like a cross between a face powder and an eye shadow. Each set comes with a little brush so that you can touch up your hair in the little compact mirror.

This isn’t any ordinary make-up though, as the staying power of this powder is incredible. It doesn’t wash off until you use shampoo. This means it’s great to wear on humid or rainy days. Even if you go to the gym and work out, it stays on, and it won’t run off and leave telltale marks on your face. Find it online here and here.

5. Wear a hat

And if all else fails, wear a hat! I love wearing hats and need no excuse to wear one. Those last few days before I get my hair coloured mean I have to wear to a hat.

I love this hat and this one too. By the way, there’s a big sale at Shopbop, use the code BIGEVENT16.

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So tell me, do you find that you notice your regrowth in that one day and you can’t believe you didn’t notice it before as well?

Have you tried any root touchup products? What’s worked for you?

And which is your favourite hat to wear on those days just before you see your hairdresser?

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