How to do a modern French manicure

How to do a modern French manicure

Try this twist on a classic French Manicure that’s easier than you think!

Hair Romance - the Modern French manicure tutorial

I’ve had a bit of a love / hate relationship with nail art lately. I love it but I hate doing it.

Well, hate is too strong a word. I get frustrated and don’t have any time to do it.

You might remember that I have Nail Romance but I haven’t been posting much on there lately. The only times I’ve worn nail art is when I see the fabulous Nella at Nail Polish Addicts Anonymous and she pretties up my digits. I love the nail art she creates and wish I could wear it all the time.

At the moment you’ll find me just doing a quick layer of polish (no base coat!) as I run out the door. It’s a funny habit I picked up from my mum. She would always paint her nails just as we were about the leave the house and then she’s drive with her nails lifted up around the edges of the steering wheel.

At the time I thought it was so silly but now I get it. She wouldn’t have time to sit there and let them dry at home. She was busy and would usually bump or chip them. Once she had everything ready to go she’d paint her nails in 60 seconds and then walk out the door.

I’ve officially turned into my mother.

Then last week, Beautytube released this tutorial we shot together of a modern French manicure. As I watched it I decided to give it a try again and it really is as easy as it looks. Even if you have a shaky hand, you can do this manicure freehand with this special corrector pen.

How to do a modern French manicure

(Click here to watch the video if you can’t see it above)

So while procrastinating last week, I gave it a go and loved it. Nail art, I love you again and I’m going to have more fun with my nails.

I’m thinking an orange version of this would be cute too. I might do that today…

Hair Romance - Modern French manicure tutorial

So tell me, do you love or loathe nail art? Do you DIY and what’s your favourite tutorial? 

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