How to do a fishtail braid when you have layers

How to do a fishtail braid when you have layers

Don’t let your layers get in the way of your braids. This hairstyle tutorial shows you can do fishtail braids in shorter hair with layers.

Hair Romance - Fishtail braid tutorial

Now before you get excited – no, I haven’t dyed my hair red again. This video tutorial is a blast from the past from my friends at BeautyTube.

It’s been a while since we filmed together but I’ve just seen this fishtail braid tutorial we shot together. It’s almost making me miss my red hair. I think I’ll stick with being blonde for a bit longer though. I feel more me as a blonde, does that make sense?

But on to the style and some tips on how you can braid with layers.

Check out the video below:

Fishtail braid video tutorial

Click here if you can’t see the video.

Hair Romance - Fisthtail braid tutorial 3

Tips for braiding with layers

1. Curl the ends of your hair

Even a slight bend at the ends of your hair makes it so much easier to braid. Super straight hair will poke out of your braids, while curled hair will bend into your braids.

2. Take larger sections when you braid

Layers make fine braids more difficult. Add in larger sections of hair instead when you braid so you pick up longer lengths of hair in each section.

3. Stretch out your braid

Stretching out your braid makes your hair look thicker but it also helps to hide layers. Loosen up the sections and tuck in any untidy ends as you adjust your braid.

Hair Romance - Fisthtail braid tutorial 2

Bonus tip: Hairspray and bobby pins are your friend when trying to hide your layers! Spray any loose hair and pin up any larger sections of hair that won’t hold in your braid.

How do you cope with layers when you braid your hair or try to do an updo? What’s your tip for holding layers in place?

And do you have a hair colour that feels more ‘you’ like I do?

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