How to braid when you have layers

How to braid when you have layers

Are your layers stopping you from achieving those Pinterest-perfect hairstyles?

Well my hair is layered and I love braiding my hair. Here are three of my simple tips and tricks for hiding layers in your braids.

Hair Romance - How to braid when you have layers in your hair

How to braid when you have layers

1. Curl the ends of your hair before you braid

Straight hair sticks straight out. Curly hair curls into your hairstyles.

It makes sense to curl the ends of your under before you begin to braid or do any updos. This way, your layers will blend into your braids instead of poking out.

Use your hairdryer and a small, round brush to curls the ends of your hair under. You can also use a curling wand or styler to create that bend at the end of your hair.

2. Choose styles that work with your layers

Your braid needs to sit above your shortest layer in your hair. If your shortest layer can reach your braid, then you know it will hold.

Fishtail braids can be tricky if you have lots of layers in your hair. Personally I love a messy braid so don’t mind seeing a few ends poking out. But if you love neat braids, choose a Dutch braid or French braid instead.

3. Tidy up with hairspray and bobby pins

No hairstyle is perfect. With layers, you’ll always have a few ends poking out of your braids.

To tidy them up, I gently stretch the braid to tuck any loose ends in. If this isn’t enough, I use hairspray to hold those loose hairs in place.

If hairspray isn’t holding them, take a bobby pin and hook the ends into the pin. Then push your pin in along the length of your braid to hide it. No-one will know!

Hair Romance - How to braid with layers in your hair

Trick no.1 really does make the biggest difference when braiding hair with layers. It makes it so much easier to hide any loose ends in your hair.

Don’t let your layers stop you from trying new hairstyles! You can browse all of my hairstyle tutorials here.

Do you have layers in your hair? What’s your trick for hiding the ends in your braids?

PS. Here’s the tutorial for the lace braid above!

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