How to beat a bad hair day – My free ebook for you!

How to beat a bad hair day – My free ebook for you!

Hair Romance - Bad Hair Day free ebook

I’m so excited to share my latest ebook with you today!

Hair Romance started as a personal blog over five years ago and I’m so grateful for all the women that have come on this journey with me.

It started with my most frequently asked question, “How did you do you hair?”

I’m not a hairdresser, though I have best friends in the industry, and I shared my tricks to doing their styles in my own hair. It was one thing to see them work on someone else’s hair, but how could I do that at home?

My hair romance was not a smooth road and I tried just about every cut, colour and product to get the hair of my dreams. I finally realised that you have to love the hair you have first, before you can try and change it. Better still, you may just decide that you’re happy with your hair as it is.

I hope that sharing the hair tips I’ve learnt over the years and over 250 hair tutorials here on my blog have helped to speed up your morning routines and that you’ve had more fun with your hair.

At times I felt that writing about hair and beauty seemed, I don’t know, a little basic or unimportant.

But there’s a reason that a ‘bad hair day’ has become such a widely used term. How you look on the outside does affect how you feel inside. I’ve felt it myself, and now I truly believe to never underestimate the power of a good hair day.

So in my latest ebook, I’ve put together my 15 best ways to beat a bad hair day and it’s free for my lovely subscribers.

To get your copy, just pop your name and email below and you’ll go to the download page. You’ll receive an email from me with your ebook so you can save it to another device.

Here’s to many good hair days!

Thanks so much for reading Hair Romance. Have fun with your hair today!

Christina xx

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