How to avoid hat hair – my super quick trick! ( Video!)

How to avoid hat hair – my super quick trick! (  Video!)

Hair Romance - How to Avoid Hat Hair

I love wearing hats but I hate squashed flat hat hair. Continuing on my summer hair series, I’ve got a super quick trick to avoid hat hair that works every time.

I filmed a quick video tutorial to show you exactly what I mean when I was away in Thailand recently. I had such an amazing trip and you can read more of it over Mr and Mrs Romance. That’s the travel and lifestyle blog that I write with my husband Jim. Well actually Jim does more of the writing and I take all the photos.

Back to hat hair, I think it is really important to take care of your skin when you’re in the sun. While I always wear SPF, I also like to wear a big hat when I know I will be outdoors for a long time. I always pack at least one hat when I’m going away. When I’m out, I can normally keep a small hat on all day, but this big hat needs to be taken off when you get inside. So here’s what I do.

How to avoid hat hair – my super quick trick!

Click here to watch my video tutorial on how to avoid hat hair if you can’t see it above.

So here’s a quick rundown of the steps.

  1. Think about where you’d normally part your hair – if you part your hair on the left instead do a big part on the right.
  2. Then put your hat on over the right side part.
  3. When it comes home to take your hat off, simply flip your hair back to the left and your hair will be full of volume! No squashed hat hair in sight.

This trick works just as well with bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets or any other head gear that you might need to wear, even a hard hat at work.

So tell me, do you have any tips for avoiding hat hair? And what types of videos or tutorials you would like to see next on my YouTube channel?

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