Here’s what happens when you do my 30 day hair challenge

Here’s what happens when you do my 30 day hair challenge

One of the best things about blogging is the people you meet. When I finally sat down to write my curly hair book, I never thought that I would connect with women around the world in the way that I have.

Today I want to introduce you to a dear reader and a new friend, Ana – a PhD student in Wisconsin. After I wrote my 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days ebook, Ana bought a copy and started from Day 1.

Hair Romance - Ana does 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days

Over the next month, she posted a photo on Instagram every day of her wearing every style from my book as she went about her normal day (working and studying for her PhD!). Check out the photos below!

I reached out to Ana to ask her a few questions about how she found the Curly Hair Challenge and the changes it made for her.

I hope you enjoy reading about Ana’s hair journey.

Can you please tell me a little about yourself?

My full name is Ana Maria Porras and I am originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia. I moved to Austin, Texas 10 years ago for college and after that I moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where I am now finishing my Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. I am a nerd at heart, but I also love to crochet (you’ll find a lot of the cuties I make in my Instagram account too), bake, dance, play volleyball, and travel. In summary, I love to stay busy.

Hair Romance - Ana does 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days

You mentioned that you found yourself in a hair rut. I thought your hair looked pretty cool, so I’d love to know how/why you felt like you were in a rut?

About a year ago, I decided to shave part of my hair. I was already pretty happy with the look and texture of my curls but wanted something new and that was just it!

I have really enjoyed the look of the sideshave but I eventually began to feel a little bored because I felt I was wearing my hair the same way every day. Mostly down and to the side or in a sidebraid to show the shave/undercut, or up in a top knot.

I was even considering growing my sideshave out, but I was talked down by multiple friends.

Right around that time, your ebook came out and that was the perfect solution to my predicament. I decided to try the 30 hairstyles to see how many of them could work with the sideshave and convince myself that I could keep the haircut and still have multiple options for my hair.

What did you like about the hair challenge?

SO many things.

  1. Not having to worry about how to do my hair every day.
  2. The step-by-step and tips and tricks included with each hairstyle are a game-changer.
  3. Having the opportunity to try new things – things that I always wanted to learn, but was always too scared to try.

Hair Romance - Ana does 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days

Do you have any favourite styles from the series?

I am a big fan of any hairstyle that emphasizes my sideshave, so I’m a huge fan of the triple bun faux-hawk, the twist and pin, and the triple twist adapted to my hair. I am also a big fan of the twisted braid and the headband twist.

I could actually go on and on about this; there were very few I didn’t love.

Was there anything that was annoying or difficult in the hair challenge?

Working with my sideshave was challenging at times, but I made it work most days and only had to replace 1 day with a bonus hairstyle.

Sometimes it was a little frustrating that some of the styles don’t pop as much in my dark hair compared to your lighter hair. However, I do think dark hair has the advantage of not showing off as many imperfections 🙂

Hair Romance - Ana does 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days

How do you feel about your hair since doing the challenge?

I am really happy with my hair again!

I realized that my sideshave isn’t actually limiting and that was all in my head. I now believe I can wear my hair in just as many different ways as I could before shaving it off. I was already pretty good at doing hair, but now I feel very confident that I could do my own hair for literally every occasion.

This is really empowering to me because, as I’m sure other curly girls have experienced, it is really difficult for me to entrust my hair to other people.

Any other comments, feedback or questions about the ebook and hair challenge?

This challenge and ebook are near and dear to my heart because it took me years to figure out how to style and take care of my hair.

Some people like to say that hair is just hair, but my hair is actually a pretty big part of who I am. It is the only feature that people immediately associate with me independent of which country I am in.

Oftentimes we curly girls receive messages from the media and society that make us feel like our hair needs to look a particular way. I think it is incredibly important to empower women to feel comfortable wearing their hair in its natural texture.

Christina, by providing us with these tools, you are telling us that it’s ok to be ourselves allowing us to find the confidence to conquer the world.

Hair Romance - Ana does 30 Curly Hairstyles in 30 Days

Thank you so much, Ana!

I love so many of Ana’s answers and messages here. Hearing someone having confidence in their curls is so important to me; and to think that I’ve been able to help with that is amazing.

This post is near and dear to my heart as it makes me so happy to know that starting this blog has made a difference. For so long, I’ve struggled with finding value in writing about a topic that seems “superficial” but I know for myself that my hair is more than just hair.

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I hope Ana’s story has helped you to have more fun with your hair, and try your own hair challenge!

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