Halloween Hair – 27 DIY hair tutorials

Halloween Hair – 27 DIY hair tutorials

Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume idea? Try these simple Halloween hairstyles. You’ll find links to all the tutorials below too.

Hair Romance - Halloween hairstyles - 27 DIY hair tutorials

Halloween Hair – 27 DIY hair tutorials

No need to spend on costumes when you can restyle your hair for a completely different look! These Halloween hairstyles and DIY halloween costumes are simple to make from things you probably have around the house or from a thrift store.

1. Spider web hair

Halloween hair tutorial - Babes in hairland

This fun spider web hair is made with pipe cleaners. Find the tutorial at Babes in Hairland.

2. Medusa

Halloween hairstyles - Medusa by Joy of Fashion Blog

Add some snakes to your braids for this Grecian costume. Find the tutorial at The Joy of Fashion.

3. Greek Goddess (faux) braids

Halloween hairstyles - twist faux braid hair tutorial

If you prefer to stay on the prettier side of the Greek goddesses, this twist faux braid is stunning. Find the tutorial at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

4. Maleficent

Halloween hairstyles - Maleficient tutorial - Nicole Fae

Try this Maleficent horned Halloween hairstyle and find the tutorial at Nicole Fae.

5-16. Vintage / Retro Hairstyles

Halloween hair - retro vintage hairstyle tutorials bu The Freckled Fox

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 

The gorgeous Emily from The Freckled Fox has created all of these vintage tutorials, perfect for any period Halloween costumes.

17-21. Game of Thrones Hairstyles

Hair Romance - Halloween hairstyles - Game of Thrones Hair tutorials

Dress as Khaleesi, Sansa or Cersei this Halloween with these simple Game of Throne hairstyle tutorials.

22. Hair Chalk

Hair Romance halloween hair - How to use hair chalk

Go Rainbow Bright or dress as Gem and the Holograms with hair chalk.

23. 1960s bouffant

Halloween hairstyles - retro bouffant hair tutorial

Channel Bridget Bardot with this bouffant hairstyle. Find the full tutorial here.

24. Pretty big mohawk

Halloween hairstyles - big mohawk hair tutorial

Step on the wild side with this pretty big mohawk. You can find the full tutorial here.

25. DIY Cat ears

Halloween hairstyles - cat ears hair tutorial

Use your hair as an accessory with the cute DIY cat ears. Find the full tutorial here.

26. Downton Abbey

Halloween hairstyles - Vintage 1920s waves hair tutorial by Kayley Melissa

These finger waves are perfect for a Gatsby look or for Downtown Abbey Halloween costumes. Find the tutorial by Kayley Melissa here.

27. Donald Trump Halloween costume

Halloween hairstyles - Donald Trump hair tutorial by Kayley Melissa

This one was too funny not to share! Kayley Melissa has created a brilliant tutorial if you want to dress like Trump this Halloween. Find the full tutorial here.

Looking for more Halloween hair inspiration?

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Are you dressing up for Halloween? What’s your fave DIY tutorial?

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