Hair Romance Q&A Video – Face shapes, fave products, hair bungees and how to make your hair grow faster

Hair Romance Q&A Video – Face shapes, fave products, hair bungees and how to make your hair grow faster

Hair Romance Q&A Video - Face shapes, long lasting curls, fave products and hair bungees

Happy Friday and I’m back with another Q&A video! This is a continuation on from my first Q&A video and then my curly hair Q&A video.

I received so many questions on instagram and snapchat and I hope I’ve covered them all now in these videos.

I have so much fun creating these videos. They can be long, but it’s a great chance to chat and talk about random hair questions. If you don’t have time to watch the whole video, just skip ahead and use the questions below as a guide.

Hair Romance Q&A Video

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Here’s the list of questions that I answered in the video above:

  1. @Lynneieindc – Which different braid styles or placements suit what kind of faces?
  2. @Hello_Kimmie – How can I hold my curl? Half an hour after curling mine have fallen out, that’s using mousse and hairspray. I have very fine, thin hair
  3. @Jasmineshairstyles – what are your favourite hair products/what products do you recommend?
  4. @mollyrebekah6 any tips or products for fine hair
  5. @ellisglenn @mollyrebekah6 yeah thats what i wanted to know. And how much do you have to trim long hair?
  6. @duckiemcphee Do moisturising hair masks really work; which would you recommend?
  7. @betweenyou_and_me My daughter is 11 and has to wear her hair tied back for school, and a ponytail is our busy morning go-to, but now she is getting split ends all around where the band ties. We use covered bands, but is there anything else we can do to avoid to split ends? We try to change it up with a plait/braid, but they’re not as cool on hot days. Thanks!
  8. @woodlandsandwildflowers Beautiful hair! What are your tips for color treated hair? (How to keep it healthy and keep the color longer, etc) ?
  9. @bluebirds_11 Hey! I love your tutorials but a lot of them call for hair elastic a. They are super handy, I agree, but they tear my hair terribly! Any tips?
  10. @katie_utterback @bluebirds_11 If you use a seam ripper (for sewing) to tear open the elastic band it won’t tear the hair when you remove it.
  11. @emrldcoastmama Where do you find your hair bungees? I can’t find them anywhere?
  12. @sophie.496 What’s the best ingredients to look for when shopping for product? And which make hair grow faster?

Products mentioned:

As I said in the video, more tutorials for fine hair are coming as I’m teaming up with a new friend who has fine hair and is amazing with braids. I can’t wait!

I really hope you’ve found this video helpful!

If you have any hair questions, let me know in the comments below xx

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