Easy half-up twist hairstyle tutorial

Easy half-up twist hairstyle tutorial

Try this easy half-up twist hairstyle tutorial that makes your hair into the accessory.

Hair Romance - Easy half up twist tutorial 2

I was playing around with some styles after filming a braid tutorial when I came up with this simple do. It’s perfect for when your hair looks pretty good out but you want to pull it back off your face.

Hands up if you have the habit of tucking your hair behind your ear all day long. Yep, that’s me with both hands up. I love wearing my hair out but get frustrated with hair in my eyes.

If you’re like me then you have to try this style.

I think it’s so easy and would be gorgeous festival hair with a flower crown. It would be gorgeous for a boho bride too.

Me? I’m just going to wear this on a lazy day when I want to wear my hair out without constantly tucking it back behind my ear.

Easy half-up twist hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - Easy half up twist tutorial 4

What you need:

  • Small clear hair elastic
  • Bobby pins (optional)

Step-by-step hair tutorial:

Separate out a section of hair on either side of your face.

Then pick up a small piece of hair between the front section and the rest of your hair.

Join these small pieces of hair together at the back of your head with a small clear hair elastic. You can also topsy-tail this section to make sure is firmly in place.

Next take part of the front section you left out and start wrapping it around the hair at the back of your head. Keep wrapping until all your hair is included in the half-up twist.

If you want to give this style extra hold, you can use bobby pins to hold the twist in place. Alternatively you can use hairspray too.

Hair Romance - Easy half up twist tutorial 1

Styling tips

  • What if your hair keeps falling out of the twist? If your hair keeps falling out, it’s probably too clean. You can use a little dry shampoo to add some grip to your hair. Alternatively you could use hairspray on the sections before you start to wrap them around.
  • What if your hair is curly? Then this style is going to look gorgeous! Curly or wavy hair is perfect for this type of updo, and your hair will hold really well. You probably won’t need any bobby pins at all.
  • What if you don’t have a small elastic? You should really go an get some. They are the best but if you have a big elastic, try and choose one to match your hair colour so it’s more easily hidden in the finished look.

Hair Romance - Easy half up twist tutorial 3

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I love seeing you try my styles so please tag me #hairromance on Instagram so I can see them.

If you are planning on trying this soon, why not pin it to Pinterest so you can find it later.

Do you have any annoying hair habits? Do you chronically tuck your hair behind your ears too?

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