Dyson Hairdryer Review – Unboxing and testdrive video

Dyson Hairdryer Review – Unboxing and testdrive video

Hair Romance - Dyson hairdryer review and test drive

Ok, you asked and so it’s finally here – my Dyson hairdryer review!

What’s in the box? Should you buy it? Is it worth $700? How does it work in curly hair?

Get ready, this is a long video review but I gave the Dyson Supersonic dryer a full test drive. I also filmed a blowdry tutorial in my hair and compared it to my ghd Air and Parlux hairdryer. This isn’t a sponsored review though I was sent a sample to test out. I couldn’t wait to test it out though I did hold back until I could film this video.

So should you get the new Dyson hairdryer? Watch my review below and find out!

Dyson Hairdryer Review – Unboxing and testdrive video

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Is the new Dyson hairdryer worth it? Here is my honest review of the new Dyson hairdryer plus a tutorial on how to blowdry your hair.

Want to skip ahead? Here’s what’s in this video:

Start: What’s in the box
5.38 – What happens when you turn the Dyson hairdryer on
6.55 – The Dyson diffuser & comparison to ghd
7.09 – How does it sound?
8.04 – Comparison with other dryers like Parlux & ghd Air
10.05 – Testdrive on my hair
13.11 – Blowdry tip
14.09 – The full blowdry process
16.19 – Tips for blowdrying straight hair vs curly hair
16.41 – Curls blowdry techniques
18.57 – My comments on the Dyson casing
19.48 – The Dyson hairdryer compared to the ghd Air
21.22 – My thoughts on the two dryers comparison
22.25 – The finished blowdry & thoughts
23.00 – My final comments on the Dyson hairdryer and opinions

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is available here –

Plus here’s the hair clip I mentioned at 15.36.

Hair Romance - Dyson hairdryer review and test drive

This is my first unboxing video and it’s a bit epic! This was my first time using the Dyson hairdryer and I wanted to share my first impressions and a true review of what it’s like.

If you made it all the way through, I’m impressed!

This was a longer video than I was expecting but I guess I had a lot more to say and wanted to show you how it really worked in my hair. You can use the timings above to jump ahead in the video to see what I think.

Have you tried the new Dyson hairdryer? What did you think? Would you spend $700 on a hairdryer?

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