5 things you shouldn’t say to your hairdresser

5 things you shouldn’t say to your hairdresser

When you sit down at the salon, here are five things you shouldn’t say to your hairdresser. It’s not about sparing your stylist’s feelings, but avoiding situations that could be disastrous for your hair.

I may have made one (or all) of these mistakes in the past, so learn from my experience to improve your hair and your salon time.

Hair Romance - 5 things you shouldn't say to your hairdresser

Just take an inch off

Your definition of an inch is not the same as your hairdresser’s. If you’ve ever had a haircut shorter than expected, you know this is true.

Instead of saying the amount of hair you want to have off, show them. Hold your hair and point to the length you want.

Pictures really do say a 1000 words at the salon. Bring in an old photograph of yourself with a hairstyle you liked or a celebrity hairstyle that inspires you to show your hairdresser. Make sure that you and your hairdresser are on the same page and have a proper consultation before they start to cut.

I have never dyed my hair (but there was that time…)

It doesn’t matter if it was two years ago, be honest to your hairdresser about your hair history. Your hairdresser can probably tell if you’ve coloured your hair before, so lying is not going to help you at all. Worse still, you could end up with extreme damage and broken hair.

If your hairdresser thinks you’ve got virgin, uncoloured hair, they’ll use a very different formula than if you have coloured your hair. Do the right thing by your hair and by your hairdresser, and be completely open about your previous hair colours. Tell them everything so that they can make an educated choice about how they colour your hair next.

I cut my own hair

Even if you did cut your own hair, don’t tell your hairdresser. That’s probably why you’re in the salon to fix your mistake. Don’t tell them and just ask them to give you the haircut that you really want.

It’s totally fine to lie and make up a fake hairdresser and say they cut your hair badly instead.

Hair Romance - 5 things you shouldn''t say to your hairdresser

I have lots of time to style my hair in the morning (but you really don’t)

Your hairdresser will design a haircut to suit your lifestyle. Be honest and tell them exactly how much time you like to spend styling your hair.

Don’t pretend you know how to use a curling wand if you don’t. Tell your stylist you only have two minutes to do your hair before you run out the door every day. It’s better to be honest and get the hairstyle you want.

Why not book in for a hair lesson with your stylist so they can teach you how to curl your hair, or quick ways to style your hair? Think how much it will save you in the long run. Your hairdresser will also probably be quite flattered that you want them to teach you how to do it properly.

I’m running late

Actually, this is something you should tell your hairdresser – but it’s not something they’ll want to hear.

A hairdresser’s schedule is complicated with lots of overlapping appointments. You may only be a few minutes late but that can have a huge knock-on effect for their whole day.

Unavoidable delays happen, but as soon as you’re aware that you will be late, call your salon and ask them if that’s ok. They may have to alter the service they can give you so you can still fit in to your appointment time. Be apologetic and I’m sure they will do all they can to make sure you enjoy your salon time.

So tell me, what have you said that you regretted telling your hairdresser? And if you are a hairdresser, what do you hate to hear from your clients?

PS. Confused about what to do at the salon? Check out my salon advice series.

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