5 frizz-fighting hair hacks that could change your life

5 frizz-fighting hair hacks that could change your life

Frizz can happen to even the most fabulous hair but these frizz-fighting hair hacks could save the day.

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Hair Romance - 5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

Frizz is something I have to battle all year round. In summer, high humidity makes my hair super frizzy and in winter, it can become dry and full of static. I can’t seem to get a break.

Whether your hair is curly or straight, frizz is something we all have to learn to manage. When it comes to fighting frizz there are two hair laws that I follow:

1. Dry hair = frizz; and
2. Friction = frizz.

Understanding these two undisputable hair laws will help you learn how to manage your hair better and find the solution for dry, frizzy hair. These frizz-fighting hair hacks are tricks I use on the daily and they could just change your life too.

How to fix your frizz – Video tutorial

5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

Hair Romance - 5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

1. Banish dry hair

Stop frizz from forming right from the start when you wash your hair. Conditioner is an essential step in moisturising your hair. I never miss conditioning my hair, and I’ll sometimes double condition my hair with a mask as well. The Schwarzkopf Extra Care Ultimate Repair mask is perfect as an in-shower treatment. It only takes 60 seconds and it makes my hair feel amazing. If you have fine hair, you can even switch your conditioner for the mask to get that extra hydration.

Now that you’ve conditioned your hair well in the shower, before you even step out, you have to lock that hydration in. You want to grab a water or cream based lotion (like the BB Cream) to help penetrate your hair further. The final step for really dry hair is to use a drop or two of hair oil to seal all that moisture in. By laying a good foundation while your hair is wet, you protect your hair so it can withstand any humid weather.

2. Go friction free

Anytime you rough up your hair, you cause the hair cuticle to open and stand up which looks like frizz. I’m talking things like rubbing your hair with a towel, teasing your hair and blow drying your hair not from the root down but rather from the tip up. All of these environmental factors contribute to friction against your hair, which causes frizz.

It can even happen in your sleep! The rougher cotton fibres of your pillow case rub against our hair as you sleep causing more friction, meaning you wake up with frizz. The quickest solution to this step is to switch to a silk or satin pillow case which is a lot smoother and finer against your hair. Instead of using a regular towel, switch it up for a t-shirt or a softer, microfiber towel. Or if you want use your regular towel, just be more gentle. Think about how you’re handling your hair when its wet as this is when you can cause the most frizz.

Hair Romance - 5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

3. Put your hands down

In the same way that friction equals frizz the more you touch your hair, the more frizz you’ll have. You may not notice at the time but your hands can transfer a lot of dirt to your hair which reacts badly with your hair to create more frizz. Keep your hands away and if you have a nervous tick where you like to twirl your hair (like I do) try and get a new hobby.

4. Make friends with your hair straightener

I know before I said to avoid dry hair, and that hair straightening can dry your hair out, but it can also create a stronger finish to withstand the elements. Well straightened hair with an anti humidity hair spray, like Extra Care Blow Dry Spray creates a sealed hair cuticle which is a fantastic foundation for a long lasting frizz-free hair style.

Hair Romance - 5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

5. Know your hair prep cycle

For my hair, the first day is the best but you might find your hair is actually less resistant to frizz on the second day. My sister’s hair, for example, is always fluffy on the day she washes it. It’s instantly reactive to the weather and it never does what she wants it to. So she knows if she’s got a big event coming up, she’ll wash her hair the day before. For the event, she restyles her second-day hair for a style that will last and be frizz-free all day. You might find that your hair is best when it’s freshly washed but if you’re struggling, try this “day before” trick to prevent frizz from forming.

Bonus tip: Frizz free curls

Most of these tricks will apply to curly hair too. I like to apply my products when my hair is soaking wet straight out of the shower to ensure that I really lock in that moisture and stop frizz from forming.

Would you believe that gel is my secret weapon to stop frizz from forming in curly hair? I used to think it made curls crispy but that’s just step one in the process. Applying gel on top of your curl cream helps lock in that moisture and seal the shape of the curl. Then, once your hair is dry, it’s time for the second step. Grab an old t-shirt and scrunch out the crunch. What this means is gently scrunching your hair to break the gel cast, leaving beautifully defined, touchable curls. My favourite gel is the Taft Mega Styling Gel. It’s an absolute bargain and it’s my secret to frizz-free curls.

Hair Romance - 5 frizz-fighting hair hacks

If you need help understanding your hair prep cycle, and how to best care for your hair then you need to know your Hair Horoscope. This tool predicts exactly what your hair needs and is a fun way to understand your hair, fast.

Let me know what your hair horoscope says and then spill on any frizz-fighting hair hacks that you love!

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