3 simple mistakes you’re making when curling your hair (and how to fix them)

3 simple mistakes you’re making when curling your hair (and how to fix them)

Want to get better curls? I get asked a lot about how to curl your hair and here are 3 simple mistakes I see over and over again. Plus I share tips on how to fix them and achieve perfect curls every time.

Hair Romance - 3 simple mistakes you're making when curling your hair

Curling wands are one of my fave hair inventions. I love how simple they are to use and you can create so many different looks.

Getting your curls to look fabulous and last isn’t always that simple. Here are some tips to help you get perfect curls or waves every time you style your hair.

3 simple mistakes you’re making when curling your hair (and how to fix them)

There are some simple mistakes that are so common when curling your hair. I’ve made them all at some point too but you learn from experience.

1. Not curling away from your face

As a basic rule, it’s more flattering to curl your hair away from your face.

Of course there are exceptions, such as when you’re creating finger waves or a vintage set. Overall, if you want to create a more modern look, then curling your hair away from your hair is more flattering.

Curling away from your face is the easiest way to remember what you’re doing and to create a softer look too.

2. Not letting your curls cool

The trick to longer lasting curls is to let them cool so they set. If you have trouble getting a curl to stay in your hair, then this could be your problem.

To really set your curls, use pins or flat pin curl clips to hold each curl in shape as it cools. At least keep your hands off your hair until it’s all cooled down. It’s only once your curls are cool, that they have the stability and structure to hold so you can finish styling your hair.

3. Not shaking it out

Now you’ve let your hair cool but that’s not the final step. You need to shake out those curls out.

Use your fingers to rake through your curls to loosen them up. You can also use a brush to turn those ringlet curls into perfect, natural-looking waves. That’s where a good brush comes in to play. I love my Mason Pearson for this job. (If you’re in Australia, get yours here.)

If I see you out with your curls all still in sausage-shaped ringlets, I will have to run my fingers through them to break them up.

So tell me, have you been making these simple mistakes when curling your hair? What’s your biggest struggle when curling your hair?

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