3 easy hair hacks that will change how you style your hair

3 easy hair hacks that will change how you style your hair

These 3 easy hair hacks really will change how you style your hair!

Remember how I kept saying I would make more videos and re-start my Youtube channel? Well it’s actually happening!

I owe this to the lovely Karima McKimmie. We filmed the 3 easy everyday hairstyle tutorials video and at the end we also shot this quick hair hacks video.

I loved shooting with Karima. She makes shooting videos fun and really easy. Karima was so helpful in sharing how she makes her videos (which is super profesh) and I learnt so much. You can tell by watching her channel that she has a great set-up and I love her makeup tutorials. I’m always finding inspiration in her tutorials.

So she has also inspired me to re-start my Youtube channel! My video “studio” is still pretty basic (as in, non-existent) but I am committed to shooting more videos every week. I’m going to start with what I have and build it as I go.

So here goes…

3 easy hair hacks video

If you’ve been reading Hair Romance for a while, you probably know hair hack #2 but it might be new information for you. It’s a gamechanger.

So tell me, will these hair hacks change how you style your hair? And what sort of videos would you like to see on my Youtube channel?

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